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Why people find it difficult to wear face mask - Adetunji Ajala

The novel corona virus (Covid 19) has caused a major shift and brings a new normal to people across the world, but our adaptability to the new normal is one of the headache many are facing.

Ensuring protection of lives and living a healthy life is one we cannot overlooked. Thus, a nongovernmental organization, Crownrise development Initiative (CDI) moved round the street fo Osogbo in osun state to get the opinion of people about the use of face mask and why it is difficult for people to comply most especially at the market space .
Many opined that they are unable to breathe well as most of the produced face mask affect their ears, some said they don’t have money to buy the sophisticated one they can wear, even at that, there is need to have like 3 to 5 facemask that can be used interchangeably.

Seeing the level of challenges and poverty in the community, CDI moved to major market to distribute 3000 facemask to market women, this we were able to do through support of individual who believe in the organization.

It was so disheartening that many don’t have facemask they are using and don’t really know the essence of wearing the facemask.

Some see it as fashion, why some comply to the use because government has given the directive.

In his word, the Executive Director of the Initiative Mr Adetunji Ajala believes having a save environment should be the responsibility of everyone.

This first phase of sensitization and distribution of facemask has opened our eyes that more still need to be done to make our society safe.
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