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You Can't Create Enmity Between Hon. BANJI And Governor SEYI MAKINDE, Group Warns Mischief Makers

The Spokesperson of Concerned Youths of Surulere Local Government (CYSLG), Mr. Akanbi Segun responded to what he called "a vicious by vacuous publication" written by Simeon Toyebi whose target according to him was to "smear the hard-earned image" of Hon. Folaranmi Oyebanji who recently rejected an appointment from the State Government.

The Spokesperson of the group noted that the campaign of calumny was targed at creating enminity between Hon. Folaranmi Oyebanji and Governor Seyi Makinde. Here is the full rejoinder.


Our attention has drawn to a vicious but vacuous publication purportedly signed by one Simeon Toyebi trying to smear the hard-earned image of our nobly revered and elderly Statesman, Hon. Folaranmi Oyebanji.

First of all, we wish to inform the people behind the sinister attack on the personality of our noble Honorable that their identity is known to us, we will make it public at the right time.

Secondly, we wish to inform the general public that the said publication was maliciously concocted by these Mischief Makers with the intention of smearing and instigating a bad feeling between our esteemed Honorable and the Governor of the Masses, but unfortunate for them, Governor Seyi Makinde is a noble man with discerning spirit and beautiful soul, he doesn't listen to Mischief Makers.

Thirdly, we wish to inform the Public that Hon. Folaranmi Oyebanji politely informed the power that be, including Senator Hosea Agboola who is Chairman of Advisory Committee to the Government about the reason why he wouldn't take the task given to him, they reasoned with him and accepted his arguments because they were genuinely conceived.

Fourthly, we wish to sound it to the hearing of the Mischief Makers, the popular aphorism that "regardless of the economy of the jungle, Lion will never eat Grass". If they are desperately hungry for appointments, they can beg his Excellency for one.

Finally, Honourable Folaranmi Oyebanji is a man of unquestionable integrity, his contributions to the party are known to ranks and files of the Government and his Party, he continues to work assiduously to see that the Government of His Excellency, Governor Seyi Makinde succeed.

Akanbi Segun,
Spokesperson, Concerned Youths of Surulere Local Government (CYSLG).

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