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Osun PDP: Let FADAHUNSI Redefine Self – Isaac Olusesi

In Nigeria, the lie said to have been credited to Senator Francis Fadahunsi on the World Bank grant to State of Osun on health, came with the noisome furry of one who has just meandeared from Timbuktu through the nearest brewery, unmindful of accuracy, lucidity and logic. The lie was not that God was speaking. True!

But stop press! The Senator's reported lie repulsive, at very dribbling speed and dropped in a tale of fantasy for plausibility in uncertain terms was not his own making but his Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) elders’, always full of intrigues, double standard, double ambush and double grandstanding and ever desiring to make any of the state PDP’s high ups in the National Assembly, a puppet, coated cleverly in erratic, puerile and harebrained lying mission to impugn on the integrity of the All Progressives Congress (APC) government and its Governor Gboyega Oyetola.

By human anatomy, Fadahunsi has no chest for the PDP epic lying scale and does not play giddy, silly as his party would. But his party’s skids, perhaps unknown to him, have weaponized lies with pretensions to truth, posturing at every turn, to self contrariness The self contradiction is the pupil-headmaster relationship of infame: Fadahunsi was the pupil and his party’s factional chairman, Sunday Atidade, the headmaster. The pupil, a Distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, representing Osun East was made to obey as long as the gag order to lie came from his alter ego, the headmaster. And in a jiffy, the headmaster ruled the pupil like furnishing a nursery with eggshell chins? Stinking! ‘Go and lie,' and the pupil obeyed, reportedly did just that.

The lie, ‘’Osun government has nothing to show for #9billion World Bank Fund’’ launched at full throttle to create distrust and made significant to heat the ground running against Oyetola cannot go for a mere slumberous murmur, the Samsonie option by all manner of PDP, the liar’s self-help in calumny, skirmishes, sinister scheme and illicit outburst of the hazy lie, vividly stirring the honest nest against all civility ex cathedral like a sore thumb in a fighting mood to make the state ungovernable and truncate APC government.

Trust! The pupil’s spokesperson, Pastor Segun Progress wouldn’t take scandal, overly excessive with ruckus zeal and tumultuous zest, demeaning to his principal’s integrity. He dashed on air, joined by PDP social media guys and roared, “Senator Fadahunsi never made any statement on #9billion World Bank Fund. Osun really needs deliverance.” But Fadahunsi’s party elders had already rubbished the man’s fame. Not his integrity.

The glib lie said rough shod by PDP, not Fadahunsi any longer, for note, was meant to dazzle Osun government out of the conscious reality of the governed, but never ignited any rumble and dust in Osun because the lie was pooh poohed by the unassailable facts of (i) it is not #9billion but actually $20.5million World Bank fund as health grant to Osun upon Oyetola’s well accredited high performances in the Saving One Million Lives programme ; (ii) the fund, domiciled with the Central Bank of Nigeria; (iii) the fund was only released in tranches to Osun after due process for heath projects surveyed, examined and audited by Federal Ministry of Health and World Health Organization; (iv) the fund was judiciously spent on Osun residents’ health care and its components in physical structures, equipment, drugs, test kits, other medical items,running costs, beds and beddings, and such other after a accessories; (v) implementation of Consolidated Medical Salary Structure- CONMESS and Consolidated Health Salary Structure-CONHES for all health workers in the state; (vi) construction of Doctors' Quarters at Asubiaro Specialist Hospital, Osogbo; (vii) containment of COVID-19 pandemic; (viii) and investments in the State Insurance Scheme.

The fund, not exhausted is still being ‘warehoused’ in CBN. And Oyetola, not edged or despaired by the cock and bull lie, gets rather reinvigorated as he forges ahead in his Constitutional responsibility to the good people of Osun. And his party, APC neither ranted, raved at the rabid lie nor got knotted, kicked in the teeth over the crazy lie.

As though Fadahunsi’s pointsman confuted, disclaimed the lie sufficiently enough to exonerate his boss and the defence is well taken by the Osun publics, the PDP-Atidade infra dig. claimed the illicit lie as originally theirs but deliberately turned it to Fadahunsi’s albatross and huge integrity problem, provocatively suffocating to the Senator who has a profound lesson to draw here. Let him redefine his alliance strategy to disentangle the strands of his webs from the pull of the dynamics of the gossips, secret communications and irritating tantrums of the PDP elders in the state while he sticks to his established value company or relationship from the pool of the party elders. Reason?

The PDP's great insight into the APC-Oyetola government is also accompanied by great blindness. The PDP leadership cannot be an avatar from which strength of truth can be drawn on Osun affairs, and the rabidity of lies, the PDP opposition strategy cannot swim the ground around APC, its government and governor neither can the PDP impunity at spurious agenda with brazen nostalgia of affective outgrowth in extenso, inaugurate moral crisis in today's Osun polity to insinuate crudity and gracelessness of the party's yesteryears in the Bola Ige House, Osogbo, state capital.

And by the disavowal of the lie that blossomed into a common passion, not in abstract, the trial of Fadahunsi by vox populi ended in his acquittal, and he's hereby discharged.

OLUSESI is Assistant Director, Directorate of Publicity, Research & Strategy, All Progressives Congress (APC) State of Osun

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