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Join New Light Theatre Company And Become An Actor Or Actress Today ( See Full Details)

NEW LIGHT THEATRE COMPANY is an organization that was established by Comrade Awe Oladimeji David and undergraduate theatre and media arts student of Federal University Oye Ekiti. Comrade Awe Oladimeji the founder of New Light Theatre Company is from Osun State, the theatre organization was established in the year 2020 for films and theatre production.

The organization are looking forward to receive some artists (actors/actress) in this various Towns

Ijebu jesa
Esa oke
Ilare ijesa
Esa odo
Otan ile
Ere ijesa
Iwoye ijesa
Imesi ile
Oke imesi
Ilahun ijesa
Iloko ijesa
Ijeba ijesa. Etc

To participate in the new movie and join the theatre company

@ 08146392969


1. We discovered that many youths are on the street without any help and we thought of creating a change to these problem.

2. We discovered that arts work and mass media is too low condition in Ijesa North.

3. Many youths with different creativities and talents like singing, dancing, acting, Arts work and technical arts work etc. Lack enough revenue and support.

4. What we call NEW LIGHT THEATRE COMPANY. Like mass media, entertainment and arena business for societies.


1. We are ready to fight problems of unemployment's in our societies and to assists those people that ready to work with us.

2. We are ready to display arts work and promote it through mass media and social media by films and theatre production.

3. We are ready to support the talented ones and to present what they have to societies through films and theatre production.

4. We are ready to use our films as tool for social change through mass media and to advertise companies products or goods and services.

We are proud to present our first film, Called ITU.

The Film Organization wish to shoot a film this year for the development of ijesa North and they are in need of financial supporting so that there organization can stand effectively.

This details below is the organization official account for now:

First Bank
Account Name: Awe Oladimeji
Account NO: 3115024125

If you have any questions, suggestions or advertisements you can easily Contact the organization For more details through call/via WhatsApp/SMS.08146392969,08135170057,08137773427 or email @[email protected]

Thank you in anticipation for your generosity.


NEW LIGHT THEATRE Films Production
Motto: We Are Proud To Present

Address. Oke Osun ilare ijesa road, Esa Odo,
Osun state, Nigeria.

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