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Murder In The Cathedral: Time To Involve Ayelala - Olaniyi Odina

I welcome us all to the second half of 2020. It is my prayer that we will have a more productive and less gruesome second half.

Yesterday, was a very tough day for humanity. We were woken to the news that a young, savvy and intelligent Miss Vera Uwaila Omozua was raped and killed by yet to be identified assailants, inside a Redeemed Christian Church of God in Ikpoba Hill a suburb of Benin City. For the past 24 hours, I have had oscillatory discussions with the leadership of Students Union, Management Staff of the University of Benin, Police authorities in Edo State, the leadership of Uniben Comrades Community, Green Youths Movements and other interested parties in the matter. I have read statements by the police promising to do everything within their capacity to ensure justice is served hot, I have seen statements from RCCG, I have seen a statement from mother of the nation Hon. Minister of Women Affairs, the Edo state government have not been left behind in the foray of statements.

However, curiously I am yet to see a statement from the Great of Benin the owner of the land on whose daughter's blood was used to desecrate. The Oba is not just a King he is God. I believe the Oba is still consulting with the ancestor and he will put an end the waiting game off the attempt to unmask the perpetrators when he speaks.

I have lived in Benin for a very long while and I understand clearly the psychology of an average Benin or non-Benin living in Benin as regards the Oba and Ayelala, we hold both of them in utmost respect and fear. I urge the Oba to step into the matter and resolve the murder on the alter and help clean the alter by directing the chief priest of Kingdom to mobilise all the Ayelala priests in the Kingdom and go to the community where that crime happened for spiritual cleansing
and lay curses on all the people involved in harshly spilling the blood of a daughter of our great Oba and desecrating not just the alter of believers of foreign God and the land of our Oba.

I understand clearly it is difficult for such a crime to be committed by just one person. They will be more one person, some of their family members and neighbours would have suspected something. They are all keeping quiet either to protect their family members or relationships. I am certain that after the exercise by the Ayelala Priests of laying a curse on anyone either directly or remotely involved in the matter. Anyone that knows about it but refused to talk, I am more than certain that people will come out to say what they know out of fear for the dreaded nature and potency of Ayelala.

I know the police will make efforts but they will need the assistance of the Great Oba to serve justice hot. This matter has gained international traction this will be an opportunity for the believer in African Traditional Religion to show to the world the potency of the ways and religion of our ancestors. Let us display to the world that our ancestors have solutions to the mirage of problems facing our sick world.

I am extremely confident that the culprits will be apprehended very soon and the killers will start their long walk and work to prison and eternal damnation.

Olaniyi Odina

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