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Joy, As Akinwale Lawanson Declares Intention To Run For Oriade LG Chairman

People who cease to grow can't inspire others. Leadership begins with challenging oneself. – this, according to Daisaku Ikeda, a philosopher and educator is one of the traits of a good leader in making.

Lawanson indeed was born into a powerful political dynasty family which has been carrying a core progressive mandate for ages.

The Ẹrẹ-ijesa born is the grandson of Pa J.O Lawanson who was the national organising secretary of Action Group and the founding members, who also was charged with treason alongside with Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

Akinwale Lawanson love for Oriade Local government, State of Osun is rigid.

“I want to make impacts in my local government, the State of Osun; the individual and social changes of my people. The eagerness to serve is the love for my people." He said.

Akinwale Bimbo Lawanson is a hardworking man who has vast experience managing resources combining his skills in managing some successful private companies. He is a good politician and a team player.

Lawanson bagged Bachelor of Art in Human Resource Management from London Metropolitan University in 2005-2009.

He started his career as Human Resources person at STELLA-LAWS SERVICES LTD, and later got an appointment with MCCH LTD as HR Assistant and later moved to Avenues LTD. as HR Officer in 2012.

Lawanson later became a force to reckon with which triggered his appointment HR Assistant manager at an importing and exporting company Jedidiah Global Logistics LTD from 2013 till 2014.

He became the REC & Training Manager At Diamond Comcare. While working at a private company, the visionary and charismatic politician established his own agric company, Lawrenzo Farms IDOO, in 2019, on a vision to help to contribute to food sustainability.

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