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FG Makes Clarification For Another Lockdown From Next Month -

The Chairman of the Presidential Task Force, Boss Mustapha said he would return Nigeria to another lockdown if he had the powers to do so.

Mustapha during the daily briefing said even though it would not be palatable to the ear, locking down Nigeria again will be the best option going by the rate citizens are flouting the guidelines order.

He said Nigerians are playing love with Covid-19, behaving as if the virus does not exist.

As claimed by him, “You want to hear the truth? If it were within my powers this is the time to lockdown.

“Lockdown might not be a popular thing but this is the time to lockdown because I can see the attitude of Tom and Jerry.

“I saw a real romance with Covid -19 today. Romance of people behaving as if the matter (virus) is over.

“It is a very serious issue and my appeal to Nigerians listening is that; let us take this thing (virus) serious.

“By now, with 500 plus fatalities you can’t be ignorant, you can’t say you don’t know of anybody that has fallen victim either by way of name or pictures but today they are no more.”

What is your thought, can Nigeria survive another phase of total lockdown?


  1. We will surely overcome the virus

  2. The only thing we can crave more for is God's intervention. It saddens that this situation depresses and crushes like a racist yet, the rules are being flouted by unconscious citizens and partially by the known. Therefore, I am making a Clarion call to the government at all levels to gather its gadgets for more sensitisation with a view for some citizens to know that Corona Virus is still very much present. This is my voice.

  3. We need the help of God to help curb the spread of this pandemic. Also, I am making a Clarion call to the government to make more sensitisation with a view to knowing that the Covid-19 has not stopped. This should be done with evidence using a videobased awareness. Citizens will believe more because,seeing is believing. This is my voice!