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Fear In Aba Market As Customer Dies In Hotel

Shoemakers at Powerline axis of Ariaria International Market, Aba now live in fear after one of their active customers reportedly died in a popular hotel in the commercial city apparently of COVID-19.

Report of the female customer came soon after she came in contact with some of the shoemakers.

The departed, who was based in Kaduna, was said to be a regular patron of the hotel where she usually lodged whenever she was in town.

Sources said the woman, who was a footwear dealer, died a few days after arriving Aba from Kaduna State.

It was assembled that her body was taken to the Abia State Teaching Hospital (ABSUTH), Aba, under the supervision of police personnel from the Abayi Police Division.

Sources at the market said she was known to many of the shoemakers from whom she used to buy goods over several years.

They said that the woman did not show any sign of ill-health when last they saw her.

A police source confirmed the incident, saying the cause of the woman’s death was sudden and unnatural.

“The woman, from preliminary investigation, had hypertension and diabetes. She used to come to Aba and was a regular customer in the area.

“Whenever she came from the North, there is a woman whom we understand is a relation that used to assist her because of her health condition. Both of them had been lodging in that hotel for a very long time.

“From what we learnt, the body was examined by officers that were at the scene. If there were any foul play, they would have spotted that on examining the body of the woman.

“From what we learnt, the woman slept in the hotel with her relation that was assisting her. It was the relation that alerted the manager who in turn alerted the police.

“The brother of the departed affirmed that his sister had been sick over the years, even before the lockdown. So, we can’t say that she died of COVID-19.”

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