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ROTIMI MAKINDE: Each tenure that helps the other - Philip Adegboyega

By Philip Adegboyega Dada from London

Hon Rotimi Makinde should be thanking his successors for their poor performances, this is simply the campaign ingredient he needs most as he reminencies on his past.He should be grateful to God Things are gathering momentum. The past and the present tenure is certainly liberating the generality of the people of Ile Ife on the need to think twice and not vote for political party but the personality.

Indeed, it created a good opportunity for the good people of his constituency to make sound comparisons about Makinde's tenure and that of the past and the present honorable representation. By taking good opportunity to double check on the numbers of motions and bills sponsored by both their sons, it reveals the extent of capacity and limitations of the present occupier of that house of representatives office. That they all served under oppositional government is just enough to make comparison on each of their flexibilities and performances. The back to back services during economy meltdown was just the tools needed to measure their generosity without sentiment. The eagerness and disappointment of the people on feasible infrastructural projects expected to be sited within the communities and to no avail of it during the past tenure of Hon Adeogun compared to school built and renovated, water projects, educational assistance and sponsorship in terms of scholarships, numerous vehicle gifts as relief materials, stable quarterly empowerment,unshakeable town hall meetings, investment, generosity to individuals, party loyalists, palaces and timely intervention at intervals, ICT center, scores of scholarships at all walks of life they couldn't just gives even the present tenure occupier out as incomparable to Hon Makinde's term as member of house of representatives.

The immediate past honourable was reported to have returned home only when he begin to seek higher office as deputy to Dr Demola Adeleke, the singular attitude that attracts accolades to Makinde as a man of his people due to the steady attitudes of staying more at home and disappointing the doubting thomases who thought he would vamoose to Lagos upon the electoral misfortune of 2015.
People's expectations was damned too much from the current honorable but they are getting less and may be Makinde parry is regretting every of their voice votes that benched their best! People expect at least a company to compliment patriotic effort of Hon makinde and to further reduce their burden on employment or at least a TV station in the vicinity to match Makinde's radio station Oodua fm, tall dream they concluded.The opposition party and those who worked for their victories certainly should expect rewards but the records available can not be matched in all ramifications.. Local government Party chairmen, women leaders, youth leaders,monarchs and community leaders expected car gifts and not foreign trips, they would be satisfied with one hundred units if not close to two hundred units to match Makindes record but alas they got nothing but news of trips and sexcapade of Adeogun in their neighborhood. People's anxiety towards having an address in their vicinity to trace their honorable at intervals appears dashed. Ife people derived joy in their son's and daughter's mansions to be built in Ife and not in Lagos, Abuja to further beautify the constituency but alas the priorities of these gentlemen in comparison differs. The constituents of Ife federal constituency which includes Modakeke, Ifetedo and Ipetumodu hate to hear of illicit romance of their reps being linked with a widow!
History they say has its way of awarding pages for each character in life. One tenure is definitely selling the other for progression and never shall we vote blindly or support retrogression.

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