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Illegal Mining And The Havoc It Wreaks On Ijesaland

It has been observed that the activities of illegal miners in Ijesaland, helped by the handouts purportedly given to some of our traditional rulers, have subjected our land to great environmental danger and denigration of our cultural values. The entire youths across Ijesa land and those in diaspora, under the umbrella of *Ijesa Youth Forum (IYF) CAC/IT/No.: 104515*, say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
It is disheartening that we are fast losing our heritage, the vast farmlands God has blessed us with, to intense illegal mining with its attendant lethal consequences. The earth we walk upon is now a threat to us all as we never can tell when it may quake. Our cocoa farms that we were so proud of are becoming mere illusions. The 'once upon a time' peaceful land is gradually becoming a land of death even to the generations yet unborn.

In the years back, illegal mining was being carried out by indigenous illegal miners but now we are experiencing the onslaught of foreign illegal miners. We are forced to believe that if they have no aids, they cannot invade our lands with this effrontery. Some of our Traditional Rulers have sold the inheritance of generations for a few millions, if not thousands. We have, in public domain, the narrative of how a monarch vacated his palace for the use of these illegal miners. What a generation of greed!
We do not believe in violence. We believe so much in the wealth of knowledge our Paramount Ruler is endowed with, thus, we believe our own KABIYESI OWA OBOKUN ADIMULA OF IJESA LAND and other Kabiyesis will act fast to save our lands.
We use this medium to appreciate the Osun State Government under the leadership of His Excellency, Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola and the Osun State Joint Task Team for the recent arrest of 27 illegal Miners and a traditional Chief. It is pertinent to note that more of these people are still destroying Our heritage on a daily basis, thus; it shall gladden us to see their daily arrest including their hosts, regardless of whose so is gored.

Long live Ijesa land!
Long live State of Osun!
Long live Nigeria!


OWOBORODE Sunday Babatunde Owo's
National President

ODEYEMI Sunday Ezekiel Sàpayè
General Secretary
[email protected]

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