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Gov. Oyetola Boy's Give Back To The Societies To Complement Governor's Effort.

Earlier today, the Oyetola aides in Iragbiji known as "Oyetola Boys" rolls out to the communities in Iragbiji, the palliative and Ramadan package in other to give back to the society from the little they have within their capacity in other to easy the burden in which the communities might be experiencing during this lockdown and Ramadan period.

The All Progressive Congress chairman Apc Boripe chapter, Omooba Mufutau Omogboye Okongo, praise the aides to deem it fit to render their little efforts, he appreciates them and urge them not to relent on this one alone, he wants them to do this kind of thing often and often. He then charge those elder people that have opportunity to be part of this administration to let the society feels their impact.

In one of community visited, a beneficiary appreciate the hands of gesture extends to their community because this is the first time their community will benefit of such, "we only see politicians during electioneering campaign but immediately after the election they are no where to be found again" he said and promise their community support for this present administration and pray for a successful tenure of governor Adegboyega Oyetola's administration.

Some of the communities benefited from the palliative and Ramadan package are Sàngó yooyin, Kona meta, Oke-Aresa, Adikoko, Secretariat area, Orisa Elejin, Lagbua lane, Alakaso, Ile-Iyanu, Oloti area, Sèjè Gbanla area e.t.c all in Iragbiji.

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