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Finally, Aregbesola's Palliative Diversion Uncovers Allegedly Kunle Ige, Other Political Eminent Involves (See Details)

By Abioye Tosin Lawrence

Few days ago, The SA on Public Health Pharm. Siji Olamiju was alleged of Palliative diversion over the relief package sent to State Of Osun by the Interior Minister to cushion hunger.

After several probes, the fact uncovered proved that the SA on Public Health was just a sub-receiver.

The Palliative which was meant for the whole State has been traced to Hon.Kunle Ige the former SA on Rural and Community Development, who also served as Commissioner for Agric and food Security under the then Governor State Of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola.

However, there has been mixed up of names by many people who could not differentiated between Hon. Kunle Ige and Hon. Muyiwa Ige.

Architect. Muyiwa Ige is the biological son of the late Cicero who was the former Attorney General Of Federation,
Architect Muyiwa Ige served as Commissioner for land and physical planning under Ogbeni, people should be able to distinguish between the duo.

To not deviate from the Palliative palava, the Palliative were said to be structured
politically into 3 senatorial district.

Osun East Palliatives was spare headed by Hon. Kunle Idowu who distributed it to Federal Constituency, while Obokun Palliative was under the watch of Hon. Kunle Ige, Alhaji. Asaolu Oladiran and Olori Dupe Monkanjuola.

Source revealed that Hon. Kunle Ige was a deep beneficiary of progressive by birth (Ige) who decamped to ADP with his followers during gubernatorial was gainsaid to evidently resulted to Obokun failures at the polls, decampees who accompanied him to Action Democratic Party (ADP) with one destiny are yet to return back to All Progressive Congress (APC) as their destinations.

It was alleged that Hon. Kunle Ige shared the Palliative with template structure in favour of ADP, SDP, whilst some part of the relief materials was diverted to his factional leaders.

To our dismay, none of the 10 Ward Chairmen in Obokun APC including women leaders were carried along, not even any credible political leader acknowledged the Palliative, fabricated by the APC leaders in Obokun.

Our "Agitations" to such pirates dastardly deeds goes thus.

"Would there be no punishment for Disloyalty, Infidelity and such Caracole?."

"With sadness, Hon. kunle Ige has benefited from progressive, being Erstwhile SA and Commissioner to Governor Rauf Aregbesola in his 8years as Osun Governor?."

"What must have been APC offence to have maltreated mendaciously?."

It is expedient that Hon. Kunle Ige have not been politically, socially and culturally embraced by APC members and stewards.

To sum it up, We urge the government of APC in Nigeria and Osun and the large heart of Interior Minister, Ogbeni. Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola to take cognizance, turn back from stocking, handing over anything that has to do with APC to such people and their cohort, reechoed by the APC leaders in Obokun, because it's evidentially that leopard can't change it's spot.

The All Progressive Congress (APC) should be vigilante and watch her root as disloyalty is still eminent in Obokun.

On Pharm Siji Olamiju, who occupies the office of the Special on Public Health in Osun, who was alleged of palliative diversion in few days may find it hard to comes with clean hands in the distributive process and parameter, to not stress the truth.

As State cabinet member of Governor Oyetola who hails from Obokun, in his predisposition, he has failed to exhibit a nuance character, hard science in strengthen his political camp.

He successfully fought all his Media boys who promoted him during the last general election and still stood by him till he was appointed as special adviser, instead to appreciate them, he began to bask in the euphoria of his nomination called his aides into a closed door meeting, told them it has been his intellectual effort that got him the recognition after he had confessed to the wife of a strong party leader in Iloko Ijesa (Baba Orisa) that those are the guys that worked for him like (Akura) he said dialectically when his fate was not yet decided to win election or appointed.

He was succeeded in blasting one of his boys that he was an O'level holder which made the boy left his camp with tears and ran to College without Akol support, some lost finger nails through jamming of vehicle door, sieged in his house by opposition party, and other forms of afflictions.

This has been the reason why he happened to be the first person to alleged of palliative diversion because of the sudden relationship between himself and hon kunle Ige was in recent times like walnut seeds, while secretary of his ward wrote on Ward7 APC platform in few days ago that Akol was an ADP member who supported Adeoti candidacy.

We could recall that his nomination almost tore progressive apart in Obokun by some party leaders Akol had displayed impertinent, failure to attend ward meeting while most of the party load has been on other political eminent in Obokun which aggravated to ward exco's to issued several warnings through their platform and always hammers on his dereliction, lackadaisical attitudinal.

It was also gathered that his loyalist Mr. Kayode Ojo bursted into tears during the first phase of the lockdown because he had supported Akol putting all his eggs in Akol's basket financially but later dumped.

Shall we say the prophesy and warnings issued to Akol by the Speaker of the House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Timothy Owoeye has came to pass during screening exercise when the nominees for SA's and Commissioners took place at the hallow chamber? Stated, " Many people gone through this road in recent times but today they're left with their destinies, Hope yours won't be like that, intoxicated by power, tyrannizing your supporters?. The Natura Naturans will take care of that aspect very soon.

Interior Minister, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola was also extolled for another batch of the palliative sent through trailer to Osun State which was distributed yesterday by Sango Of African without sentiment proves he want the best for Osun, Governor Oyetola and APC.

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  1. Kudos to ogbeni Abdul Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola (Baba Kabir). Ogbeni is a real politician and he knows much about humanitarian, the way his palliative was distributed is okay.I score him excellent.