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Covid 19: Traditional Council Of Obalorisa Calls Federal Government To Caution On Madagascar's Antidotes; Advocates For Home Grown Solution.

The apex central coordinating group for all traditional religion and alternative medicine practitioners in Nigeria under the aegis of the Traditional Council of Obalorisa Worldwide(TCOW) under the leadership of His Divine Grace, Oba(Isoro) O.O.O Dada, Obalesun Obatala Agbaye, after due consideration on the pandemic growing spate and increase of infected persons in Nigeria rallied round the entire heads and Obalorisa of the various traditional religion and alternative medicine practitioners to come up with a permanent cure solution for the Corona Virus pandemic, daily ravaging the country with deaths and reports of high increase in the numbers of infected persons in Nigeria.

In the same vein, the Apex Leader call on the Federal government to look inward to the home grown solution on the best alternative medicine from the traditional Obalorisa and medicine practitioners who are best knowledgeable on the efficacy of cure for the dreaded disease.

Based on history, Nigeria is blessed with arrays of traditionalists with proven excellent landmarks in alternative medicine cure and best fit to salvage the situation.

Obalesun further call on Nigerians and the global community to keep to maintain all the guiding principles and regulations in the fight against the novel Covid 19 disease by ensuring social distancing, regular washing of hands and use of alcohol base hand sanitizer, wearing of face mask and maintaining proper hygiene and safe environment always.

He further advice on the need for caution on over reliance on external solution from Madagascar or other countries and WHO vaccine when we have proven efficacious medicinal plants and roots that will offer better results in a short time.

The country is blessed by God hence we need to look inward for solution.

For: Traditional Council of Obalorisa Worldwide(TCOW)


HDG, Oba Isoro O.O.O Dada,
Obalesun Obatala Agbaye,
Spritual Head, TCOW

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