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The Situation Of Osun Youth In The Face Of COVID-19 Reality - NYCN Osun Chapter

The state had its first case of coronavirus on the 25th of March, 2020 through a patient who arrived at Osogbo from the UK. After the affirmation of this index case, the state government swung into action by briefing the public on what to do in order to curb the spread of the virus .

A bombshell dropped when the state got alerted about a group of its indigenes coming from Abidjan to Osun State.
The discovery shot up the number of COVID-19 cases in state to 20 as of 10th April, 2020 while the index case got discharged.

It is no longer news that everybody is feeling the heat of the 2-week stay-at-home directive by the state government.
Of course, we have seen the efforts of the government in trying to ameliorate the suffering of the people in the midst of the heat, but is that enough? .

The reality of the moment is that there is hunger in the land and many of the palliatives distribution procedures are not transparent enough.

Does our government know that we have many unemployed youths in the state? Do they know that many of the OYES people are not finding it easy this time? Does our government know that there are youths who earn their living by riding motorcycles and can't feed themselves nor their family at this time? Does our government know that the level of consumption and spending while at home is unbearable? Are they aware that there are many voluntary youth organisations that have not received anything and feel dejected as a result? Why can't the process of distributing these palliatives be entrusted with a civil society with integrity record or given out to private consultant that can do it on a voluntary basis ?
The level of crime in the state is increasing day by day. It is so sad that there are many voluntary youth organisations and youth bodies in the state, but many of them were sidelined as to the distribution of the palliatives.

The National Youth Council of Nigeria, State of Osun want to remind the government that as at 2019 by National Population Commission record, an aggregated data showed that the percentage of the youths is almost half of the population of the state. If at this critical point in time youths are sidelined and nobody cares to reckon with them, then it is unfair!

It is important to point out that Osun State is in the top 3 bracket of the most infected states in Nigeria despite its frail economic condition. Should the rise continue, the aftermath could be unbearable if no assistance is rendered to the state at this dire moment. The National Youth Council of Nigeria uses this medium to seek support from private companies, philanthropists across the country as well as international donors to come to the rescue of the state.

Nonetheless, we want to appeal to the State Government to put the youths into consideration as regards her plans to reduce hunger. We also appeal to IBEDC to make light available for people.

Ìgbéga àti àláafìa ìpínlè Omolúàbí yìí ti gbogbo wa ni

Public Relations Officer
NYCN,Osun state.

Build the youth ...Build the Nation

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