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Hon. Okete wish all Muslims Happy Ramadan Kareem

Hon. Okete greet all muslims of oke Ada, and Irewole local government generally, for the glorious month Ramadan

As this glorious month has arrived I prays that may almighty Allah that let start it in peace should guide us to end it in peace.

All thanks and greetings to my father, mentor and my role model, Hon. Commissioner for finance State of Osun, Hon. Bola Oyebamiji for your distinguished record and caring everytime, I prays that may you continue to dwell in the mercy of Almighty Allah.

In word of encouragement message, Hon. Okete beg all muslim in Irewole local government and oke Ada generally, to accept and follow the order of our leaders which is to avoide the congregation of people, which is ussually done like (taraawy) and (Tafseer) in order to avoide corona virus,

As we all know that there is nothing impossible for almighty Allah, I pray that may almighty Allah stop this virus before ending of this Ramadan, statement added.

We are the one to taking this year Ramadan, by the grace of almighty we will be the one to take many of it in good health.

Hon. Okete greet grand chief imam of ikire, and all their cabinet for the glorious Ramadan, and prays that the pillar of islam that they are taking care, will not fall in the mighty name of Allah.

In the end, Hon. Okete greet and wish all OMT okete media team, home and abroad, for the glorious Ramadan, and also prays that, untime death will not separate us.

My good people of ward 07 Oke Ada, Irewole Local Government, State of Osun, am still using this time to thanks you all for your full support, since when I have raise the flag of my ambition, and also promise that all what you need and what will comfort you is what I will always done,
Hon. Okete is the best among the all, keep supporting the work of God, and all your attention will not fall in vanity.


Signed by Hon. Okete Ikire

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