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Hon. Okete Media Team Rejoice With Hon. Wale Adebayo (JP) On His Birthday

Hon. Okete Media Team (OMT) felicitated with Hon. Wale Adebayo (JP) over his birthday, the media team use the birthday occasion to rejoice with Osun Youth Group president Hon. Wale Adebayo.

In a statement signed by the media team on Monday, the media team said they joined family and friends to celebrate the special occasion with the celebrant.

Hon. Okete Media Team joined all well wishers to celebrate the birthday of Hon. Wale Adebayo, the personal assistant (P.A) on politics to the Governor State of Osun, We celebrate this special occasion with you. “We also say a big thank you for your selfless service to our dear party.

“We are very proud of you and your brave and fearless leadership. You have been a role model. We proudly hold you as someone worthy of emulation,” Hon. Okete Media Team said.

The Media Team prays that the almighty God will grant him longer life, good health and strength to keep serving the party and the state,” the statement added.

In a goodwill message Hon. Okete praised Hon. Wale Adebayo(JP), on his distinguished record of service and loyalty to the state and also a grassroot political transparency and honesty person, said by Hon. Okete.

“I join your family and friends from all walks of life to celebrate you as you mark another birthday. You are a leader and patriot with a distinguished record of service, loyalty and love for our state. As you celebrate, my family Media Team prays that God will bless you with more years of glory, honour and sound health.”

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