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Hon. Isaiah Adegbite Is Remembering The Forgotten

Surulere Local Government was one of the five Local Governments in Ogbomoso zone of Oyo State, the Local Government was created by Babangida Regime in 1989. The headquarters of the Local Government is in Iresa-Adu Town.

The appointment of Hon. Isaiah Adegbite the erstwhile PDP Chairman of the LG as the Caretaker Chairman of the Local Government by Governor Seyi Makinde has given the people across the communities a renewed hope because the new Chairman who is a seasoned politician and a practicing Surveyor is seen by many as a disciplined man of noble words and character.

Upon the assumption of office, Hon. Isaiah made it crystal clear that he has come bring succour to the people of his local government, he promised not leave anyone behind as he said he would "remember the forgotten".

Few days ago, the Chairman has already started acting his words, he brought back the grading Machine that had been abandoned in a bush around Okin Village of the Local Government by the previous administration, the team of engineers that were assembled resuscitated the dead machine and it became functional again.

Just yesterday, the Grading Machine commenced work as it started with Olowosoke-Fashina-Ilosin-Akori Road, the road was first opened by the first Executive Chairman of the Local Government, Late Ayantayo Ayandele in the early 1990s, for about three decades, no chairman has paid any attention to the situation of that road while exposing the dwellers in those communities to avoidable hardships. The people whose villages and towns passed through that roads have lamented and complained to previous administrations to no avail, but Hon. Isaiah Adegbite in his prudent nature remembered them and the road is now becoming motorable.

One of our correspondents that visited the scene asked one of the chiefs to react to the development, he said "as you can see, the previous Governments only remembered us whenever election was coming, but when it comes to having the dividends, nobody cares about the poor farmers in the villages, but now our prayers have been answered, thanks to Governor Seyi Makinde for giving us a Chairman that cares about the forgotten, we can now have access to markets with our farm produces".

The Chairman also commented that "I have declared Operation Make All Roads Motorable as we are going to leave no stone unturned, Governor Seyi Makinde has ordered us to make impacts and that we shall continue to do".

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