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Don’t Play Politics To Fight COVID-19 — IBB

Former Military President, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida has called on all Nigerians not to politicize the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic but to join hands together to win the battle devastate the World.

In his Easter message to Christians across the country, General Babangida said this is not the time for “play game” but a united effort by all to wage a total war against the killer disease.

“It is time for synergy between Federal Government efforts and that of states where the majority of citizens live with steward implications for praising the curve, spread testing amplitude and diminish the pains and we have the lesson and experiences of China, Taiwan and other countries to avail from.

“There is no room for blame game now but united support by all Nigerians and I applaud with due regards to the professional display and wonderful roles of our frontline medical personnel for their patriotism, durability, sacrifice and dedication to this fight of eliminate covid-19,” IBB remarked.

He praise government at all levels on their efforts so far in repress the unroll of COVID 19 in the country.

“while the numbers keep rising, the situation is still being kept at controllable levels within the limits of our health care system. Nevertheless, these gains need to be comfort with the implementation of suitable and accordant social distancing prescription for effective prevention of the further spread of the pandemic,” IBB advised.

He admonish all Christian across the country to use the Easter period to pray for the country in order to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic just as he also prompt the Muslim ummah to use the month preceding the holy month of Ramadan to pray fervently for Allah’s mercy and remission in the circumstances we find ourselves.

As stated by him, “we all have our roles to play collectively and there is need to observe all commendation of NCDC and attach strictly to directives of government on basic hygiene-Wash your hands frequently with soap under running water, avoid touching your face & high-contact surfaces and also avoiding gatherings & physical contact thus Practice social distancing to prevent the spread of the Virus.

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