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Doctors At War As NMA Faction Accuses Dr. Aniekeme Uwah Of Politicizing Covid-19 Fight, Embezzlement

Fresh facts have emerged that a section of doctors in Akwa Ibom State are unhappy with Dr Aniekeme Uwah, former NMA Chairman and former State Epidemiologist over the politicization of the fight Against Covid 19.

The doctors not loyal to him claim all his fight with the commissioner for health and the state government is for pecuniary reasons, after several attempts to hijack the Covid-19 response and rake in millions of Naira.

His frustrations and inability to get big funds approved to his office forced him to use his surrogates at the Nigeria Medical Association(NMA) to force heat on the government to play ball and the last straw was to accuse the commissioner for health of obstructing the sending of samples to the NCDC.

The doctors say they are embarrassed at the turn of events and the soiling of the reputation of the medical profession.

The doctors claim that this trait is a familiar one, like Dr Uwah did at NMA where over 20 million Naira donated to NMA by The Governor to aid a smooth planning and Execution of NMA National Executive Council Meeting, here in Uyo in Dec 2018 was siphoned and till this date, the funds have been unaccounted for.

This is not the first time Uwah will use his puppets at the NMA to cover his tracks. The petition(Documents attached) against him on embezzlement at the NMA was swept under the carpet by Dr Nyoyoko, the current Chairman and his exco.

The doctors are optimistic that one God fearing member of the panel to probe Uwah, Prof. Abasiubong had raised alarm on the cover-up and co-incidentally, the same Prof. is in-charge of the Panel Set up by NMA to investigate this COVID 19 matter between Dr. Uwah and commissioner for Health, thus expect the NMA to come clean on this saga.

The next State NMA elections is a few months away.

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