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COVID-19: Osun People Protest Over Failed Food Promise

Some inhabitant of Ile Ife on Wednesday put on a peaceful protest over failure by a group that had earlier announced it was giving them food items to fulfill its promise.

The protesters after a trek through Lagere, Iremo and Sabo areas, had stomp the premises of Crown FM, Eleyele, a private road station based in Ile Ife, on which the public announcement of the food donation had been express the previous day.

Policemen position to the scene were said to have arrested some of the protesters and scatter others.

The General Manager, Crown FM, Ile Ife, Israel Ogunlade, said the protesters accused him of giving them untrue information about the plan by a group to distribute food items to bolster the effect of limitation of movement ordered by government to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Ogunlade said, “A group, had announced through my station that, it would distribute food to residents today.

“Sadly when those handling the distribution brought the food to where people had been told to assemble, they were submerge by the numbers of the residents. What they had could hardly go round.”

“That was what led to protest. They were shouting and everything was in the state of disorderliness before the police arrived.”

Police Public Relations Officer for Osun Command, Yemisi Opalola, said some people fighting over food were scatter by the police in Ile Ife.

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