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COVID-19: APC And Their Consistent Ritual Of Imbecility

In the faceface of the ongoing battle to curb the spread of the viral deadly pandemic COvID-19, it is most expedient to put at bay the series of unfounded comments in their length and shortened narratives against the present administration which have become distractions to the sober and reflective mood of the global society. 

No one would deny that sensitization and awareness of the global outbreak of this disease was not done early enough. No one would also say that the daily activities of government including procurements, give-aways  arrangements and funding have not been disclosed to the public as is expected of a transparent government. Ill perception has so beclouded the trio of Clement lkpat, Uduak and Anietie Ekong because they have remained resolute on their chronic bitterness about the present administration whom they feel should have been at the instance of their dictates. The trio are the destructive media tools of Chief Akpabio, the unrepentant combatant who's always at war with his people.

It is true that the scourge has been recorded in the state and those affected have been certified stable and improving by the medical team  in charge. The fact remains that the state government's efforts have been instrumental to this phenomenal improvement.

Again, health equipment purchased by the present administration to advance the status of isolation centres have been shown to public view and made accessible for sight-seeing yet, some hate-filled person would instead of visiting these places for themselves, sit down to debunk these glaring truths, attributing the acquisitions to the former Governor of the state because of party difference, sentiment, sponsorship and commitment to demarket the State, a state they equally belong. What a height of mental degradation!

For the records, Akpabio left behind a debacle in the name of lbom specialist hospital which competes hard, fast and close to becoming one of the wonders of the world. At an expended value of about N45bn and at a time naira exchange hovered below N200 to a dollar, it was a mind-blowing figure that should have been completed, equipped and put in a functional state, yet, only the ground floor and a small part of the first floor was commissioned.

To attest to the incompleteness of the Hospital, he preferred to seek medical attention abroad for the injuries he sustained from a motor accident in Abuja, another City in Nigerna. This is the same hospital that the Niger State governor built and equipped with better medical equipment at just N4.5bn, 10% of the cost of the much talked about uncompleted lbom specialist Hospital, whereas Governor Udom Emmanuel has spent about N50m to complete the roofing of the hospital due to increased exchange rate and VAT. Not just this, he has ensured that the hospital is equipped with up-to-date medical equipment to help make it the best in West Africa. This is same hospital he met with just the structure and nothing more than that. 

There are facts and figures to prove this fund diversion of the past administration up to the Uyo/ikot Ekpene road, four point by Sheraton and others, if that is what the agitators want.

Before the discovery and confirmation of the positive cases, the same persons called for a complete shut-down of the state on the grounds that the government was not proactive enough and that state need not record a positive case before doing so. Today, the new song is that the government has sentenced the state citizens to death by hunger, and that there is no food security. Would they ever have a time of peaceful quietness?

Besides, how many of the over 6 million people can the state government possibly feed? It was for a time like this, the state government maximized its energy and resources into agriculture and provided grants for farmers, that is why every household in the state has a subsistent or commercial farm. Do these agitators know of this?

While individuals, organizations and NGOs have continued to show solidarity for the common cause of cushioning the effect of the unavoidable lockdown and the defeat of the dreaded coronavirus which is reducing the world population drastically, it is unfortunate that some persons have remained undaunted by this global wiper and chosen to remain in the darkness of their hearts and minds. They've chosen to unstoppably swim in the euphoria of imbecility.

At this point, we all should stop these profitless jobs of condemning and criticizing the government on whatever platform for cheap popularity and rather support her efforts by acting in solidarity towards one another. We can continue after the defeat against CoviD-19 but now is no time to show knowledge, rub shoulders and compete. Now is the time to be humanly humane and nothing more or less.

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