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Buhari deserves no praise for absolve Ambrose Alli – Adebanjo

Pa Ayo Adebanjo, says the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), deserves no praise for absolve former Governor of the old Bendel State, Prof. Ambrose Alli, who was jailed by a military tribunal set up by the Buhari junta in 1984.

The President had proclaim the remission of 2, 600 prisoners in a bid to decongest the prisons in the course of COVID-19 pandemic.

Buhari, nevertheless, snatch the moment to also pardon some departed statesmen like Alli and a few others who were sentence decades ago.

Proceed to the remission of Alli, nevertheless, Adebanjo said Buhari unfair sentence the former governor like many others on trumped-up charges of corruption.

The Afenifere chieftain said the forgiveness could be an aim by Buhari to make peace with God.

Adebanjo, who was a close equate of the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, and a member of the party which Alli belonged to, said Buhari deserved no praise for the forgiveness.

He said, “We always knew that Ambrose Alli never deserved to be sent to jail. He was sentence by an autocratic government led by Buhari. I cannot thank Buhari for the forgiveness because he discipline Alli for a crime that was never committed. He gave them a punishment they never deserved.

“If he has a change of conscience and says Alli is no longer a convict, that is his business with God. He was never sentence by the constitution of the people but by Buhari’s autocratic standards. If he has a change of heart, that is his business.”

Nationnewslead reports that Alli was prosecute on Decree 3 of 1984 before the Special Military tribunal set up by Buhari for redirect N983, 000 (over $1m at the time) from the funds of Bendel State (now Edo and Delta states).

He was summons of redirect public funds to the Unity Party of Nigeria led by Awolowo.

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