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Adetiba Gives Message Of Hope To Kwarans As We Celebrate Easter

Christians all over the world are celebrating Easter under unusual condition, unprecedented in living memory, we found ourselves marking Easter in a subdued manner, away from the usual congregation in churches, visiting our friends and relatives now difficult. This is unusual and very unfortunate.

The Kwara State Deputy Speaker and honorable representing Oke-Ero constituency hon Adetiba-Olanrewaju Raphael heartily felicitate with Christians faithful in Oke-Ero and Kwara State at large, as we celebrate Easter, a very important event in the journey of Christianity.

Easter marks the triumph of Jesus Christ over sin, adversity and death.

However, we need to draw the right lessons from the death of Jesus on the cross at Calvary and his resurrection, we become more confident as we fight coronavirus and all other chanlenges we are facing. it is really a test of our faith.

"There is hope for us as we are hit by Covid-19, My belief is that this is a passing phase for Oke-Ero people and Kwarans and that our faith is a potent spiritual weapon for the pursuit of victory". Said Adetiba.

He Further said there is no better opportunity than now for all Christians in particular, to remain faithful and hopeful that with intensified prayers backed by personal and collective responsibility we will surely overcome this our challenge.

"The lockdown ( restriction of movements and closure of business premises) in the state will surely not be convenience for us, in fact it might bring suffering but we must see these as sacrifices because is for everybody's interest to save our State from calamity".

"The welfare of our people is paramount.
Therefore, let us be fervent in our prayer for Divine intervention to vanquish the pandemic.

Deputy Speaker also urge Kwarans to imbibe and live the values of humility, discipline, perseverance, sacrifice and obedience which Jesus Christ demonstrated.

"However, I wish to enjoin Christian compatriots to rekindle our faith in Christ who overcame persecution, sufferings and displayed endurance, steadfastness and above all piety". Said The Deputy Speaker

"As am wishing you Happy Easter, I urge you all to strictly observe the precaution measures of social distancing, regular washing of hands and the rules of hygiene in our homes as we mark the joyous occasion.

Happy Easter to you all

Ajiboye Femi Samuel
S.A., media to Deputy Speaker
Kwara State House of Assembly.

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