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The Billion Coin (TBC) Remains Stable Amid Fluctuations - Ngozi Egenuka

TBC Superiority Over Market Based Currencies As the coronavirus threatens the global economy experts have confirmed that the Cryptocurrency has remained stable amid the crisis.

They stated this during the Nigeria international conference of The Billion Coin (TBC) to celebrate four years existence of the coin known as Kringle's.

Goodwill Ambassador from United States and TBC Steven Cuffee, said the coin was not affected by economic situations because its value grows based on its members.

“Market based currency like Bitcoin and stock market fluctuates especially with impact of the Coronavirus,” he added.

According to Cuffee, TBC has improved its system by including facial recognition scanners to curb hacking or fraud.

Global trainer, TBC Mbeh Derick, said: “We have registered 1.3 million Nigerians. The training is to equip participants with the right knowledge on registration and how to trade.”

He urged members to constantly visit the official blog for updates to curb misinformation. On the use of the currency, TBC Manager In Nigeria Solo Amanotu, said the community have merchants who mostly accept a combination of fiat and Cryptocurrency in the sale of goods.

“For instance the GMC global accepts the Kringles currency also Nationnewslead. We also have hotels that accept the currency,” he added.

Member OF TBC Public servant, Godswill Oku, who came from Calabar explained that his interest in crypto currency and the stability of the coin made him join TBC. He however expressed challenges of spending the currency, but noted improvement in the system.

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