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OPINION: Covid-19 And The Social Distancing Palaver - Seyi Adeniyi

With my personal investigation in the town of Osogbo today, it's emperical evident that our people still don't understand the importance of social distancing as announced by government as one of the measures to contain the endemic coronavirus in our society.

Many people were at their various banks today to transact, while the banks ensure only few customers enter the banking hall, many were outside the banks struggling to enter or to use the ATM machines. The bank officials tried their best to making sure customers maintain social distancing but all to no avail as they were all struggling to gain entrance at all cost.

God forbid, with what I saw today in most of the banks I visited, with one carrier of this deadly virus, no doubt many people would have contacted the disease today, unconsciously.

It is on this note, I implore the government at all levels and individuals in the society to educate our people (in our local language) so as to have a better understanding of the pandemic. I did my quota today at the selected banks visited in Osogbo.

I plead to all, let us maintain social distancing at least 1 metre (3 feets) distance away from others. Hand washing is very important.

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