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Natural remedies to prevent the spread and cure of covid-19 epedemic in Africa - Kayode Olabode

After extensive diligent research and due consultations from the experts. The Founder and CEO of Africa Heritage Focus Initiative International a duly registered NGO with C.A.C in Nigeria. An NGO whose aims and objectives is to protect and promote Africa cultural heritage globally through tourism. Ogbeni Kayode Olabode, made this known to some members of the press in Lagos on Friday.

He said, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) Covid-19 is large in size where the cell diameter is 400-500 micro and for this reason any masks can prevent it entry. The virus doe's not settled in the air but it grounded, so it is not transmitted by air. Corona virus when it falls on the mental surface, it will live 12hours, so washing hands with soap and water is well enough. Corona virus when it falls on the fabric, remain 9hours, so, washing the clothes and being exposed to a temperature for 2hours meet the purpose of killing it. The virus lives on the hands for 10minutes, so, putting an alcohol sterilizer in the pocket meet the purpose of the prevention. If the virus is expose to a temperature of 26-27°c it will be killed, as it does not live in hot regions. Also, drinking hot water and sun exposure will do the trick and stay away from ice cream and eating cold is important. Gargle with warm salts water kills tonsils germs and prevent them from leaking into the lungs. Adherence to these instructions fulfills the purpose of preventing the virus.

Ogbeni Kayode Olabode of Africa heritage focus Initiative International also went further to say, If you are victims of corona virus and any others dangerous diseases get Tagiri (Christmas melon) and Orogbo (bitter kola) to cure Corona virus, blocked fallopian tube, ebola, Hiv, Aid, smallpox, fibroids, cancer arthritis, low sperm count, any kind of infection diseases simply cut itagiri and orogbo into 6 pieces each, take it 3 time daily with hot pap or hot warm water without sugar on empty stomach. Prevention from spreading, individuals should have tagiri (Christmas melon) one each in the four angle of our various home, office and worship centres. This has absolutely nothing to do with religious. This is the natural remedies our great ancestors used to survived series of epidemic break out in the past.

He went further, in addition now that President Trump of USA, has announced that Hydro Oxide Chloroquine has been identified to be effective in treating Covid-19 .
It is the same thing as using Neem leaf (Ewe Dongoyaro). 
We the (Yoruba) in West Africa have found that Corona Virus has the symptoms as hay fever ( ako iba).
Our people should prepare it for drinking, bathing and more importantly; to put in a bucket and cover yourself with blanket for about 15 mins to sweat it out 3 times a day for One week both as therapy and prevention.
Neem leaf (Ewe Dongoyaro) is one of the active ingredients used in preparing chloroquine. The chinese has been using Neem leaf to treat all sorts of virus and fever. 

The founder and CEO of Africa Heritage Focus Initiative International. Commend the Lagos state Governor H.E Babajide Olushola Sanwo-olu for been proactive and on top of the fight against the deadly virus named Covid-19. In particular his bold step to ban the public gatherings of over 50 people in our churches and the mosques must be strictly adhere to.  He seek the  total support, cooperation and understanding of the Pastors and Alfa's. He thank those that have already cancelled all their religion activities in compliance of the Lagos state government directive. While he urged the Lagos state House of Assembly to quickly as a matter of urgency pass a Bill that will establish a monitoring committee with legal backing to arrest and prosecute whoever failed to comply with the directive of the Lagos state government in taking necessary measures to get rid of covid-19 out of Lagos as some foreign nationals didn't make provision for washing of hands and sanitizer in their company let alone proper screening for their returning staff. He noted that, if not that the Lagos state governor swing into action, Nigeria would have been at the mercy of the deadly virus by now, be the first largest port of entry into the country.

He however, show his displeasure with the way and manner our Mr. President is handling this global epidemic while other countries presidents are putting all necessary measures in place to protect their citizens. Mr. President is yet to address Nigerians nor make necessary provision in place rather than shutting down unity school and territory institutions including all our airports. He said, one expect Mr. President to have address the Nigerians that employed him as highest paid person in the land, whom we entrusted with our well being and safety. He owes us a duty to address us and release the intervention funds to the necessary government agencies. He doesn't need to be reminded by the National Assembly before he do the needful that is expected of his respected office.
Frequent address by the honourable minister of health is quite understanding and commendable and #1.1trillion setting aside for covid-19 is welcome development.

In conclusion he said the NGO membership is open to all lovers of arts and culture tourists in particular. Irrespective of their faith, race, age and educational background.
Join us to protect and promote Africa cultural heritage globally trough tourism. Africa is the way to go.

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