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Between Oluwo And Ogbagba: The Royalty And The Pains

By: Busy Brain

The media has been on fire belching fumes and rages that emanated  from monarchical kerfuffle  in the presence of constituted authorities. I think what suppose to make an highly revered king like Oluwo to be in the media for some days should be far beyond mud fight with another king. Of course, any story in the media about a particular ruler that is different from good tidings and achievements for his people is a big, conk and exasperating embarrassment. I doubt if Oluwo or Iwo people see this as one.

The issue between Oluwo of Iwo, Oba AbdulRasheed Adewale Akanbi and Agbowu of Ogbagba, Oba Dhikirullah Akinropo happened in a peace meeting called by AIG zone 11, Bashir Makama in Osogbo. In attendance were monarchs from Iwo, Olaoluwa and Ayedare communities of Osun state to resolve dispute over the sale and ownership of communal land. However, the meeting that was called to restore peace got things out of hand. The arguments erupted that led to chaos. The Oluwo of Iwo in his claim said that Agbowu of Ogbagba called him a mad man and pointed  his staff of office at him and that's why the king pounced on his fellow king like a pest to disrupt the peace meeting.

In those days, traditional rulers were epitome of justice. They do sit comfortably in their palaces  and settle land, marital and any other kind of disputes for the people in their subjects. During that time, they were being regarded as second in command to deities. They do perform judicial functions amicably to foster peace and development among others. These basic functions of traditional rulers had come and gone. Today, it is shame that traditional rulers that suppose to serve as mediators were summoned to peace meeting and they awarded a jumbo embarrassment to their thrones.

A media report quoted Oluwo's words during the disrupted meeting and the quote reads further: "Me, Oluwo, Agbowu is calling me a mad man, ordinary Baales that I gave the privilege of becoming king want to be challenging me. I will show you my worth. I am the only Oba in Iwo land, the rest are Baales that I gave land and opportunity to become king. They want to be challenging me. Can any Baale in Ife land do that to Oni"

The above words from Oluwo according to media report  have said it all. I didn't see anything like self defense here, all I saw was superiority war. Even if Oluwo is superior to Agbowu, does that issue him the right to punch him? Does Oluwo even have the right to slap his council chiefs? Which section of the constitution give that right to a king to beat a lesser king in his domain?  Oluwo should have shown some respect for the throne. Actually, Oluwo expects Agbowu to maintain perfect decorum through out the peace meeting. That's not possible. A peace meeting should give equal opportunity for the two sides to tell their own side of stories. So where did Agbowu got it wrong to have deserved beating from Oluwo?

I was seriously embarrassed to have seen Iwo people, mostly women in full hijab displaying placards in solidarity support for their king. Absolutely, no one expects them to go against their king even when he is at fault but not with such Islamic emblem. Islam is a religion of peace and nothing less.  If Oluwo cannot act accordingly as a Muslim king during peace meeting, then the ancient town that is known for piety and sanctity in terms of religion is questionable. It's embarrassing wearing hijabs ( chador) to support king who disrupted peace meeting by beating another king. This is far from Islamic doctrines.

Putting religion aside, it is appalling, Iwo people didn't realize that their king is writing history that can never be erased for them. What comes to one's mind when Oluwo's name is being mentioned  is  controversy. His popularity was derived from controversies. He is always in the media making controversial headlines within the Yoruba kingdom. He had once led eid prayer in the presence of the Chief Imam. He had once declared himself as emir, a royal title for Northern rulers. He had once crowned his foreign Queen claiming that queens are also entitled to wear crown, the same queen he divorced and still justified the action in the media. Now, another misdemeanor would always be remembered about Oluwo, the king that beats up his fellow king. How I wish Iwo people notice all these and call their first class king to order.

I have realised that power and money can intoxicate one and can also make one to misbehave. Still, no one is above the law. If Ogbagba is actually selling land that belongs to Iwo, the court should be used to settle scores if dialogue is not working out. Any king that takes law into his hand should bear the consequence without favour. I'm one of the fans of Oluwo's monarchical modernism but taking it too far all in the name of superiority is totally aberrant. It's embarrassing. Federal, State Government should act fast before this mess would be transformed into communal war that would further pollute the peaceful cohexitence in the state.

To Agbowu of Ogbaagba land, I see this as royalty and the pains. The pains that should be endured by a true ruler who knows the value of peace. Although, pointing staff of office at fellow king was  wrong. Staff of office is a royal emblem that has its own side effects. The matter is left to the constituted authorities to act  accordingly and appropriately in order to restore peace and unity. Peace is sacrosanct.

Busy Brain is an opinion writer, poet, Journalist, Researcher and Public Relations Practitioner

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