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APC Purportedly Sponsoring Candidates In The State PDP Congress Coming Up ~ Hon Emmanuel Macham JP.

Hon Emmanuel Macham JP. has accused the Plateau state APC for plotting to disrupt PDP congresses across the state by sponsoring Candidates into the state chapter offices of the party from the wards to the state level.

Macham said reliable information optain from the grassroot shows heavy evidence of the allegations.

He said leaders of the PDP led by the State Chairman Hon. Amos Gombi, should be cautious and very vigilant.

The are planning to infiltrate us from available evidence on ground, you can clearly see some of the party positions aspirants moving with APC T/shirts openly.

Our party members must be careful and observe every moves to avoid falling into the trap of the ruling party.

There party will soon collapse, they are having serious internal wrangling among themselves, couple with underperformance and lack of foresight.

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