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OSUN ECONOMIC RECOVERY: Oyetola An Encyclopedia Of Finance ~ Osun Feedback

You don't need a century to effect a change, all what you need is effective preparation to provoke unusual transformation. 

Governor Gboyega Oyetola has proven it to the people of the State that the name given to him prior to the 2018 governorship election in the State was never a fluke nor a campaign gimmicks but a true reflection of his posture.

Many people of the state are of the opinion that the state governor may find it difficult to compete favorably with his counterparts across the state of the federation owing to the obvious financial challenges and other factors that may militate against a passionate leader with instinct and intent to serve the people like him.

The performance of the governor is amazing to the people of the state.
But the Governor by the definition of many people of the state performing wonders through the execution of many legacy and funds consuming projects both in capital and recurrent expenditure like regular and prompt payment of salary, completion of the inherited projects by his predecessor and starting many new ones all over the state.

He has displays his financial experience as an expert for decades in private sectors in piloting the affairs of the state despite low financial statue of the state. It was well known that the state was not financially bouyant to pay the state workforce not to talk of carrying out new infrastructural projects.

Governor Gboyega Oyetola a financial expert with fast experience in finance and insurance assumed the leadership of the state with intent to serve and meet the yearnings of his people then use his financial knowledge to raise the financial statue of the  state.

Gov. Oyetola improves the financial base of the state within limited time of his administration then started the new face of governance with  massive infrastructural development with laudable programmes and policies in the areas of health, road constructions,  urban renewal, education, rural development and host of others

When he declares that his administration will continue to pay full salaries and as at when due, people wonder where he would got the money to fulfil his promise but his financial reengineering strategies surprise many people and today the issues on salaries payment has now become history.

His promised that all the ongoing projects will be completed and the new ones will be initiated baffle some people and they thought it was a girade not because he wasnt trusted but people were afraid where he would get fund for the projects and by now most of these projects have been commissioned and others are under degrees of completions.

The state is the least in federal allocations table yet Osun under Ilerioluwa is not only meeting its obligations without any delay but competing favourably with other states with fat federal allocations.

Osunfeedback calls on the people of the state to continueto assist the government by paying their tax regularly as the state is very lucky to have llerioluwa an encyclopedia as the executive governor of the state.

Through this open manifestations, it is easier to add the "ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FINANCE" to the already established nomenclature of the man, H. E Dr. Gboyega Oyetola



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