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Now That Tinubu Has Spoken, The Rise And Fall Of Operation Amotekun...

_By: Busy Brain_

Recently, the highly revered Jagaban of Lagos has spoken his mind on operation Amotekun and of course, his long time silence has now been broken into two pieces. Meaning that, Sen. Bola Tinubu's voice on Amotekun is like a cleft teeth with separate entities. 

Tinubu's long speech on Amotekun could not be tilted in support or against of the operation. Tinubu does not support nor against Amotekun but chooses his choice of words wisely and esoterically; he is in-between. As a matter of fact, Tinubu's loyalists among the Southwest Governors can never go against him. They are like a snail and shell and that's why the dialogue suggested by Jagaban was embraced without arguments. It would have been argued if such suggestion emanated from somewhere else because the Attorney General of the Federation is not a court of law. This is Nigeria!

Like yoruba adage: " agba ki wa loja, ki ori omo tuntun o wo..." meaning that  we cannot have an elderly one in the market square and still have infant's head misplaced. Apologies to non-Yorubas.  Tinubu is an elderly one in  Southwest and Nigeria politics. Forget about his ambition, he has to play his card in an unscathed manner.

Meanwhile,  Sen. Bola Tinubu has received lashes from different angles for his candid opinion. Many people that criticised Tibunu in my own opinion were sentimental. They want Tinubu to spit fire, to rubbish Malami and put on the golden skin of Amotekun. Well, a sagacious statesman would never engage in such silly drama. Not even when 'Operation Amotekun' has been diluted with ethnicity and political colouration.  That's why Tinubu can never be compared with the numb skulls that called themselves leaders from the North displaying ignorance on television channel.

Instead of criticising Bola Tinubu,  Afenifere should rather sensitise our Amotekun warriors on social media on the actual reasons behind the formation of the outfit. Just of recent, gunmen suspected to be assasins on Wednesday killed a Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), in Oyo state, Alhaji Babatunde Oreitan. Oreitan was one of the leaders of the party in Ona Ara Local Government in Oyo State. Sources said, the APC Chieftain was murdered in his house located at Oremeji Agugu area in Ibadan.

Few days after that of APC chieftain,  founder of Oko-Oloyun Worldwide and De-Fayus International, Alhaji Fatai Yusuf, popularly known as Oko Oloyun was shot along Igbo-Ora-Eruwa Road in Oyo State. Oko-Oloyun was killed by unknown gunmen on Igbo-Ora-Eruwa Road in Oyo State.

Are these killers fulani herdsmen too or we are the one killing ourselves? Why are these naive social media warriors making this brilliant security formation to look illegal because of ethnocentrism? Will Operation Amotekun's personnel haunt someone because he is fulani rancher even when he has done nothing and spare Yoruba man that involve in crime because of being a Yoruba man? Simply put, Operation Amotekun goes beyond ethnicity. It is an avenue to combat crime committed by anyone irrespective of the tribe and it should be embraced by other regions rather than being   criticised and politicised by Miyetti Allah.

We can only have peace when we stop painting anything with politcal,  religion and ethnocentric interest in Nigeria. Now that Jagaban has spoken, the rise and fall of the operation relies on you and I and how we handle the matter arising through the media. God bless Nigeria!

Busy Brain is an award winning writer, journalist, researcher and public relations practitioner.* *He graduated from the Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State..the fastest growing polytechnic in Nigeria

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