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Nomination For 2020 Osun Youth Ambassador Award Begins; Check Nomination Process, Criteria

The nomination process for the annual

Osun Youth Ambassador Award (OYAA) has kick-started with a call to interested members of the public to forward their nominees for necessary scrutiny and screening.

The annual Osun Youths Ambassador Award (OYAA) is here again to celebrate all outstanding youths who have carved niches for themselves in various fields for the benefits of the State of Osun, Nigeria and mankind.
In a Press Release by the organizers of the event, nominations are welcome from individuals or organizations to the Organizing Committee for the necessary scrutinies.

Press Release:
The OSUN YOUTHS AMBASSADOR AWARD is designed to celebrate young people who have carved niches for themselves in their respectful fields

The nominees for the awards must, coupled with their outstanding performances in their various fields, have contributed meaningfully to the growth and development of their immediate community.

The award is designed to reward such individuals that have shaped the whole world, Nigeria and Osun State in particular with indelible impacts.

“The criteria for nomination include the following:

1) Such recipient nominee must be an indigene of Osun state.

2) Must be an undergraduate or graduate of a higher institution.

3) Must have embarked on a project that would yield large benefits to the world, Nigeria and especially Osun state.

4) Must exemplify honesty, diligence and utmost character that is worthy of emulation

Verification will be done based on the nominees by the team members

Nomination and selection will cover the following sectors and more
Agriculture, Entrepreneurship, Health, Gender Advocacy, Private Sector, Education, Sport, Force, Faith, Environmental, Journalism, International Partnership, Peace Building, Science and Technology”.

You are advised to send your preferred NOMINATION Subject for Assessment to [email protected]

Nominations End By March 3RD 2020

Monitoring and Evaluation: A PANEL will be set and contacted to monitor it and give professional advice on it as it unfolds.

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