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Kenpoly Acting Rector, Affirm Commitment To Independent Students Unionism And Charge Students On Attitudinal Change.

You will recall that early December 2019. The former Rector, Dr. Georgewill O. M. Was removed as Rector.

After a massive protest against him that almost defame Rivers state government. The host community youths, zaakpo youth association, alleged that Dr Georgewill abuse his office, extort monies from students, encourage illegality, sales polytechnic properties, misappropriation and embezzlement of the polytechnic fund. The Government of Rivers state investigation on the matter led to his removal and the deputy Rector automatically became the acting Rector on the 9th December, 2019.

Just a month's and few weeks in office the acting Rector has distinguished himself by his leadership skills. No  wounder they said when the righteous rules the people rejoice.

National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS)  joint campus committee Rivers state axis and the CEO face of sug Nigeria visited the institution on January 24, 2020. They were well received by the entire students union executive, Students and the management.
The students narrates how friendly  their new Rector is.
And his strict policy on time management. They express joy on the restoration of their dignity as human, zero tolerance to cultism and extortion.
They thank him for
 Provision of identity card. Two days after school fee payment
No more compulsory sales of textbooks.
The S. U. G.  President thanks the acting Rector for the inclusion of student in the ICPC.  And granting independent students unionism in the Citadel.

The Rector in his speech said, independent students unionism is the students rights and he will not deny students their inalienable right. The right to disagree with some management policies are also an integral aspects of academic freedom. Student also have rights to join lawful association on campus.
However, we award certificate in character and learning.  You must have an attitudinal change as students of this institution. You can confide in me. Report any sexual harassment in the institution. If you are scared of the ICPC, you can also confide your union president. We are also aware that some female students seduce academic staff through their indecent dressing. They visit lecturers offices. Desist from this act.   
The polytechnic will only accept class representative to mediate between lecturers and students. You have no business to do in your lecturer office or house. It will be an offensive for any students to accept to be course representative to any lecturer. The reason being that this course representative are those who receives monies for sorting for the lecturers.
It will also be an offense to pay for a textbook or handout that is yet to be published or printed.

NANS Rivers state led by Comrade uche Opusunju commended the Rector on his leadership skills and demanded for  smaller vehicle for the students union and NANS secretariat in kenpoly.
Also the CEO face of sug Nigeria applauded the acting Rector and request that kenpoly  management should sponsor face of sug kenpoly 2020.

The acting Rector,  Barr. Leson James Foster been a students friendly Rector granted all the request.

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