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AMOTEKUN : Oyetola's Support Is Sacrosanct ~ Osun Feedback

Governor Gboyega Oyetola of Osun state is a true son of Yoruba race, full of culture, values, respect and humility.

He always threads softly and wisely the steps of his ancestors. Oyetola's early life and antecedents have been traced back to Yoruba race where he hailed from. He is from Olukosi compound in Iragbiji land.

Iragbiji 'Oloke-meji', as the town is popularly called, serves as headquarter to Boripe Local Government Area of Osun state, located in the western part of Nigeria. Oyetola as a core Yoruba man always seeks for the protection of human race irrespective of ethnic, colour or religious background, and most importantly 'his people from his motherland'.

After the declaration of AMOTEKUN illegal by the Federal Government, Governor Oyetola commented that the  western governors response will be collective, which means that they are going to work together to ensure that Federal Government is brought  to the table once more, to explain and convince the Federal government to understand the  reasons why AMOTEKUN must be sustained in the western parts of the country.

In Osun state, a headquarter has been located for AMOTEKUN to complement the efforts of the government security personnels in the region and to fast track their operations in the state.

Oyetola is in full support of the programme contrary to the rumour been spread around.  "Whatever the circumstances that surround a man, what will be will be." Do not presume to know better than experts. Being a governor, Oyetola is an expert in this line.

For the rumour mongers, "a man cannot give what he does not have, good or bad behavior is a reflection of one's background ". Change your way for better because charity begins at home.

Once more, Oyetola's support for AMOTEKUN remains intact.


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