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Olorunda LG Parliamentarians Petition Chairman For Embezzlement, Misappropriation, Others

The Chairman of Olorunda Local Government in the state of Osun, Munirudeen Anisu has been petitioned for financial misappropriation, financial Reckness and misconduct. 

The Parliamentarians made this known in a three page petition against him AND was made available to newsmen in State of Osun on Monday 23rd December, 2019.

The Chairman was accused of duplicating, jots and inflating expenditure since inception of office two years ago.

He was specifically accused of embezzling one month allowance of board members to the tune of N1.9 million apart from inflating a road rehabilitation project of N130,000 to N1.3 million.

The petition read in parts, "At this juncture, we concerned councillors boldly took this Paregoric stand to the notice of general public."

"Before it is too late, we concerned Councilors/Parliamentarians of Olorunda Local Government Igbona Osogbo, wish to inform the people of Olorunda Local Government about the Financial Misappropriation and Financial Misconduct of Hon. Hammed Munirudeen Oluwafemi Locally Anisu, Chairman Olorunda Local Government Area, Igbona Osogbo since inception of our administration in February, 2018 till date which is strictly against Osun State House of Assembly guidelines for the administration of Local Government Areas, Local Council Development Areas, Area Council and Administration Offices in the State of Osun."

"The leadership of Hon. Anisu has not been able to complete a single developmental project since inception, despite several millions of naira received into the account of Local Government from both Statutory Allocation and Internally Generated Revenue (IGR).Rather, his priority has been based on arbitrary and frivolous spending without any Executive Meeting cum Council/Parliamentarian approval which is contrary to Page10, Sec3.4(x) of the guidelines."

"He does this in order to create rooms for arbitrary spend Local Government Fund lavishly which against Page 10, Sec3.4 (iii).
Lack of adhering to due process in implementing policies are major bane of retrogression of our administration that seems contrariwise to the law established the present system of government at the local level according to Page1, Sec1&1.2of the guidelines."

"Therefore, this notice also indicates our observations/ allegations on the financial recklessness of the chairman."

These are his misconducts:-
Frustration of the Executive Committee Meeting and obstruction of Parliamentarian sitting since beginning of our tenure. It was only one sitting that took place on 19th of October 2018 that is contrary to the extant law of Osun House of Assembly Local Government guidelines.

"He does this in order to create rooms for arbitrary spend Local Government Fund lavishly which against Page 10, Sec3.4 (iii).
Lack of adhering to due process in implementing policies are major bane of retrogression of our administration that seems contrariwise to the law established the present system of government at the local level according to Page1, Sec1&1.2of the guidelines."

"Failure to present the monthly/quarterly income and expenditure of revenue from both Statutory Allocation and Internally Generated Revenue which also violated extant law on Page 11, Sec3.4 (v) of the guidelines."

"Ineptitude attitude of the chairman denies us to embark on programme that has direct impact to the electorate."

"As a result of this, unilateral decision which is contrary to extant guidelines made us to perform woefully."

"Several projects claimed to be executed with millions of naira are not on ground without the council approval which also violated Page3, Sec2.2.2 (iii) of the guidelines."

"Diversion/Misappropriation of fund attributed for a particular purpose of administration in the local government for personal use, with this act of fraudulent attitudes, Page2&3, Sec (i-vi) have spelt out the modus operandi.
Unlawful award of contract is an everyday decision of the chairman without recourse to the parliament for appropriate scrutiny/ screening of the contract. Page3, Sec2.2.2 (iii) of guideline stipulates that vetting and monitoring the implementation of projects and programme in the Annual Budget of the Local Government Area/ LCDA is the major oversight functions.
Duplication and Inflation of expenditures since inception of office, these showcase lack of transparency and accountability of the chairman that could endanger administration of our dear Local Government achievements."

"Conniving with other stake holders among councilors in order to undermine the extant law in the guideline."

"Avoidance of routine meeting that could bring about development considers to be cavalier in nature
Using Local Government name to get undue benefit from the public at the detriment of the masses akin to supercilious behavior and abandonment of the integral action plans of the State Government."

It would be observed that the main reason for the establishment of Local Government is basically to bring viable development to the grass roots but reverse is the case under the leadership of Hon. Munirudeen Anisu.

At this juncture, we concerned Councilors/Parliamentarians boldly took this patriotic stand  to the notice of general public, some of the excessive/ inordinate actions of the chairman , Olorunda Local Government Igbona Osogbo, State of Osun, Hon. Munirudeen  Anisu. We cannot fold our arms watching the chairman to draw our Local Government back as one of the municipal Local Government in the state capital.

To worsened the situation, Hon.Munirudeen Hammed Anisu has not presented income and expenditure Local Government Parliament from April, 2019 till date
These are the frivolous expenditures by the Chairman between August 2018 to March 2019:
Diversion/ Embezzlement of one month Board Members Allowance to the tune of =N=1,970,000.00 (One Million, Nine Hundred and Seventy Thousand Naira Only) in which the chairman cannot expatiate for the missing of the board members allowance.

Inflation of rehabilitation of Ahmmadiya, Sabo, Obalende road from #130,000.00  to #1,130,000.00 with inflated figure of =N=1,000,000
Duplication/ non existence of Elewtira laterite filing to the tune of #130,000.00
False grant to Ilupeju / Kolabalogun community as to support their CDC project which reported to have paid them =N=225,000.00 and collection of said grant refuted by the community.

False acquisition of Office Furniture to the office of Council Manager and HODS’office to the cost =N=600,000.00 matching with non existence items or non execution of the furniture.

Frivolous spending on the office stationeries that a lot of fund have been expended to the sum of =N=3,280,000.00 (three million, two hundred and eighty thousand Naira only) in which staff are still struggling to carry out their official functions due to non available stationeries.

Spontaneous apportionment  of DTA’s, TA’s and course fees to only one/two participants that attended marriage conference in Calabar, Cross- River State to the tune of  =N=885,000.00 (eight hundred and eighty-five thousand Naira only) which we deem fraudulent in nature.

Fake Oriented programme of ICT training for final year students to the cost of =N=940,000.00 (nine hundred and forty thousand Naira only).The particular program did not take place
Inflation of renovated burn Chairman and Council Manager Office, cost #15,000,000.00(fifteen million Naira only) without accounting for breakdown as to detail the expenditure incurred. Payment still ongoing in regarding to the renovated building.

False acquisition of Motorcycle for Olorunda Youths, with the value of =N=400,000.00 (four hundred thousand Naira only), no matching items to correspond the payment.

Painting of office secretariat deems completed with the sum of =N=3,900,000.00 (three million, nine hundred thousand Naira only) of which the project is not yet completed.

Fraudulent payment for non existence  expenditure on evacuation and clearing of debris/ waste at Sabo Abattoir to the cost of =N=250,000.00 (two hundred and fifty thousand Naira only)
Flouting of State instruction as to 30% first Furniture Allowance payment to the Secretary of Woman in the Local Government to the  tune of =N=477,000.00 (four hundred and seventy-seven thousand Naira only) of which he unilaterally refused to pay the beneficiary and squandered the fund.

Failure to give account of =N= 3,000,000 received for grading of roads in the Local Government Area as his stewardship and accountability.

Spending huge sum of resource on purchase of rams,rice,vegetable and other gift items for Muslim during 2018 Ramadan and Ileya Festival as well as purchase of gift items for CAN i.e. Christian amounted to =N=15,765,000 which, we believe to be too outrageous and fraudulent. The above allegations are the tip of iceberg.

The under listed councilors hereby give the chairman, Hon. Munirudeen Anisu Seven (7) days ultimatum to respond to the above allegations of fund misappropriation/embezzlement since assumption of office in 2018. We hereby pass vote of no confidence on the chairman and failure to respond within the time framed other drastic action would be taken against you by reporting the matter to EFCC and ICPC. 

Hon. Inaolaji Waheed Vice Chairman/Councilor

Hon. Nurudeen Akinrinmade Deputy Leader/Councilor

Hon. Olawore Sulaiman                  Super for Works/Councilor

Hon. Oyeyemi Halimat       Super for Education/Councilor

CC: State Governor, Alhj.Isiaka Gboyega Oyetola

Honorable Representing Olorunda----Hon.Kunle Akande

Ministry of Local Government---Commissioner/SA

APC State Party Chairman—Prince Gboyega Famodun

APC Olorunda Elder Caucus

APC Olorunda Party Chairman—Hon.Abiodun Kilanko

Chairman Olorunda Local Government—Hon Femi Muniru Anisu

Council Manager (CM) --                                Barr. Kikelomo Oyebade


Governor Alhj.Gboyega Oyetola

Speaker, Osun State House of Assembly

Commissioner for Local Government& Chieftaincy Affairs

SA on Local Government & Chieftaincy Affairs

Hon.Representing Olorunda Local Government

APC State Party Chairman

APC Elder Caucus Olorunda

APC Party Chairman Olorunda

Chairman Olorunda Local Govt.Igbona Osogbo

Council Manager Olorunda Local Govt.Igbona Osogbo

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