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Make all roads that link to Badagry Motorable for easy access for tourist: Kayode Olabode urges Sanwo-Olu

The Founder/CEO of Africa Heritage Focus Initiative International has urge and encourage Governor of Lagos  State, H.E Sanwo Olu to make all roads that link or connect to the Badagry motorable for easy access to tourist. 

The Founder/ CEO of the NGO Comrade. Kayode Olabode made this known during a Press conference. Badagry is historical home to all Africans all over the globe. There is need for all the sons and daughters to visit Badagry often to reconnect with their origins and know more about themselves.

He commended the Badagry council Chairman, and akran of badagry and Lagos State government for protecting and promoting the cultural heritage Africans all over the globe. He promised that the Africa Heritage Focus Initiative International won't be mere guest in the next year Badagry Heritage Festival but co-host as all our members and stakeholders across the globe will paticipate fully in the historical event. He pleaded with our Muslims and Christains brother and sister not to deny their identity and origin which is their cultural heritage, custom and value. He noted that there are different between spiritualism and religion. Being a religious never make you spiritual. It is two parallel line. The whites that gave us the Christainity never stop celebrating their cultural Heritage hence they celebrate hollowen. Likewise the Islam. Bible says those that knows their God shall do great exploit.

In his closing remarks he said the only way to curb corruption and poverty in our midst is to embrace our cultural heritage. He cited that the reason for singles mother's in our country today is because of foreign culture of one man one woman whereas it was stated in the Bible and Quran that eight women shall hold unto one man. He said rather than using Bible and Quran for oath of office for elected politicians and political appointees,  and contractors should be ask to swear by Orisa Samgbeto, ayelala Ogun and sango if there won't be corruption free system in Nigeria.

He urge the well meaning African to join the NGO as his membership is open to everyone irrespective of their sex age and resident country. Provided they are Africa. Kindly join us as we protect and promote Africa cultural heritage globally through tourism.
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