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ISMT Congratulates Comrade Amitolu Shittu @ 55

IleriOluwa Social Media Team (ISMT) felicitate with man of integrity, honour, dignity and virtue, Combatant comrade, Chief Amitolu Shittu  on his 55years birthday. No doubt, these years is full of humanitarian activities, you always stand as bone for those who don't have hope and restored their lost hope.

No one associate with you and regret of doing so, because one way or the other you will surely turn their life to meaningful one.

The youth always like to associate with you likewise the elderly ones not because of anything but because of your accommodating character.
We pray to Almighty Allah 🙏 to continue be with you sir.

Once again, we Congratulations and wish you Long Live and endless Prosperity sir.

IleriOluwa Social Media Team (ISMT).

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