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No need for any legal action DAMISHI SANGO remains the authentic PDP party chairman in plateau

Hon Emma Macham the special Adviser on media and communications to Hon Chief DT Sango has refuted claims by faction operated by Hon Dakas Shan, displaying a purported letter allege to have emanated from the National Organising Secretary of PDP Col Austin Okabundu rtd,the letter is laughable,of no effect,is as same as  the previous once he came and display some months back,it lacks powers, direction and purpose.

Dakas Shans main target is to create a factional scenario,chaos and a serious crises in the state, to pave way for actualising future purposes which is well known to everybody.

The plants are dead on arrival, this efforts if properly channel it could have place us in a good advantage situation as a party.

I assure you many of those behind Dakas Shan are persons who work against the party in the last general elections,no sane person will handover this party to such individuals with questionable character.

Macham said majority of the party stakeholders have access to Wadata Plaza anytime any day and access to every office and are very relevant in National discuss.

Sango has not received any letter asking him to step aside,the day we got such letter,we will converge and delibrate about it.

Machan who received and hosted a team of legal practitioners on a cortesy call to the state Chairman at his residence express joy on the level of support the party is enjoying under the leadership of Chief DT Sango.

Led by Bar John Gyang Esq,the lawyers express Suprise over the allegations lebel against Chief Sango and wish to know the present status of the party leadership in the state.

I thank you for finding time to visit the state Chairman despite your busy schedule.

I assure you DT Sango remains the authentic Chairman of the party in Plateau state,until found guilty of the allegations level Against him and the  National Executive Committee (NEC)of the Party, already an investigation committee has been constituted led by Sen David Mark,we expect there report to be submitted very soon,we are very interested in knowing if Sango actually diverted the  presidential funds as allege.

When we get to the breach we will decide how to cross it,there is definitely no cause for any alarm,our elders are just showing signs of maturity on the crises,it could have taking a worst dimension since.

Be rest assured that every party has it's challenges,I agree with you that the defametory dimensions this crises took in open space is quite worry some and quiet unfortunate.

One thing is clear and straight,DT Sango must be declared guilty or cleared from the allegations,this is a must.nobody will take the allegations peddle against him lightly Even you comrades.

Is wrong to spread lies against innocent and respected elders, calling them names just to achieve a purpose and score political points.

On this allegations somebody must be punish to serve as lesson to peddlers of lies and malicious defamatry allegations against innocent person's.

I will extend your concern to the state Chairman who is in Abuja right now for National assignment.

We are one and will continue to be macham he said.

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