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Get up to #5million Loan Today ~ Nationnewslead

Palm credit loan are one of the simplest loans to get nowadays. In this digital age, everyone is going to the internet and the traditional ways are dying. What can you do since the traditional way is dying? You could step up your game by building a great online presence. Gone are the days where you would go to a friend and sign agreements before you can get a loan. With palm credit, loans no longer need paperwork. If you’ve used this app before, then you are just reading this article to get a guide. Let’s get straight to the point.

Download Palm Credit App

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Before you can get a loan on palm credit, you must have the app installed on your device. The palm credit app is like the bank where you go and collect your loan. What makes this app better than banks is that a loan can be acquired in minutes.

Palm Credit Loan Requirements
Do you really meet the requirements when it comes to obtaining a loan on palm credit? Well if you don’t know, here is a list of the things you need to get approved for a loan on palm credit.

You bank verification number.
Your full name.
Primary telephone number.
Your bank account information.
Your occupation information.
In conclusion, these requirements are just basic information about yourself you should know.

To register, just follow the onscreen instructions by fill in every information that is required of you. You may also be asked to verify your mobile number.
Now you have to apply for a loan. After you complete your registration, you would see a link to click. Right there you can apply for a loan.
After application, wait for a few minutes to see your loan approved. Once it is approved, you can cash it out.

Palm Credit Loan Repayment
To pay back your loans, all you have to do id log in to the app and click “My Loans” from there, you can pay back your loan using your card.

What is Fairmoney loan

Fairmoney is a fairly new company that are dedicated to offering loans to Nigerians like you and me.

You can get a personal loans, loans for your business and a loan for your education.

The CEO is Fairmoney is Laurin Hainy while the loan officer is Felix Ojokpe.

Furthermore, applying for Fairmoney loan is not stressful, the requirements are really close to nothing and from what we gathered, there system works.

Now that you know about Fairmoney, let’s see what the requirements are.

Fairmoney loan Requirements
A smart phone.
Facebook account.
A bank account (where the money will be deposited).
Applying for a loan through Fairmoney is that simple.

Let’s now focus our attention to how you can easily apply and get up to N40,000 (for a first timer).

How to apply for Fairmoney Loan
Here are the few steps that you need to take in other to apply for Fairmoney loan in Nigeria.

Using your smart phone, you’ll need to download and install the Fairmoney app.

Secondly, open the installed app and fill the needed information.
Put your first name, last name, and your Fairmoney referral code: BBAC2
Furthermore, you need to provide your BVN and add your debit card to the Fairmoney app.
Also tell Fairmoney how much you want, how long you want it for and provide your bank account details.
As soon as Fairmoney approves your loan, they will send your money to the bank account that you provided.

Note, if you refer someone to Fairmoney, and the person you referred pays back their loan, you will probably get N1,000 off your own loan payment.

Just make sure you tell them to use your Fairmoney‌ invite code because this is how Fairmoney knows that they were referred by you.

Fairmoney interest rate
The Fairmoney interest rate varies and ranges from 15% to 30%.

Your interest rate depends on several factors. For example, you get a better rate if you have a lower credit risk, you get a better interest rate depending on the duration of time that you want the loan, et.c.

Fairmoney loan repayment
After your loan has been approved, you are required to pay back your loan by the agreed due date.

Note, Fairmoney will not allow you to change this due date. Hence, make sure that the due date fits into your schedule before you accept your loan.

Therefore, here are a few ways that you can pay back this loan;

ATM card (The same card you used during your loan application)
Bank transfer
Cash deposit via the following account information. MyCredit as the account name, Stanbic IBTC is the bank name and use 0023462495 as the account number.
After the transaction has been done successfully, you will need to

Use the code from the Fairmoney app in your transfer description.
Finally, send a screenshot of your payment to [email protected] This is so that Fairmoney can update their system after your payment.

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