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FG orders sack of unqualified teachers by Dec 31

The Federal Government has directed that all unqualified teachers should be flushed out of schools by December 31, Prof. Segun Ajiboye, Registrar, Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN), said on Friday.

Ajiboye stated this in Ibadan at the induction of no fewer than 200 education graduates of the University of Ibadan. According to him, quacks teaching Nigerian children will be thrown out and replaced by qualified and certificated education graduates to mold sound future leaders for the country.

The registrar said that teachers must stand shoulder to shoulder with other professional groups in the knowledge-driven economy. Administering the oath of practice on the inductees, Ajiboye reiterated that any teacher found wanting in the code of practice would be sanctioned. He also said that Nigerian teachers now had a separate and unique career path with the recent approval of teachers’ career path by the National Council on Education. Ajiboye said “it is worthy to stress the importance of today’s induction ceremony in line with government directives. The Federal Government has directed that by 31st of December 2019 all unqualified people practicing the profession of teaching would be swept from the classroom and their place would be occupied by young and vibrant professional teachers like you.

“We need to appreciate the fact that education unlocks the door to modernisation but the teacher holds the key to that door. Teachers are the hub of any educational system and the major determinant of its quality. This is so because teachers are saddled with the responsibilities of translating educational policies into practice and programmes into actions. Therefore, my dear inductees you have a big role to play in changing the pendulum of affairs in your places of service


  1. This will have been a welcome development and make teaching more professional.It is only in this teaching profession you can just wake up and become overnight even without having an O-level. The most disheartening thing is that these quacks are always placed in baby classes, the foundation upon which every other things has to be built. Most especially, our mushroom private schools established mainly to minimize cost and maximize profit.
    It is however necessary for the management of the TRCN too to note that the so called qualified and competent teachers are majority who are not yet employed but rather currently managing in a place with poor remunirations and preferments.
    In view of this, it is therefore advisable for them to help beating down the cost of the TRCN ID card with a view to making it affordable those whose requirements of the profession is a good and ideal match for their ambitions,Passion,qualifications and wide backgrounds in both pedagogic and anagogic realms of teaching.

  2. Teachers training institute should also be ready in effective training of teachers. Government should try and reward teachers meaningfully.presently teachers are not receiving high regard as their colleague in other parts of the world.

  3. The bill for the retention of old experienced hands for additional five years in the teaching profession to educate the new generation teachers is a welcomed policy.It should be passed into law before December 31st or else the country will experience a drastic fall of teaching staff.

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