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Stop Concocted, Unverifiable Claims Against Me ~ AKOL Tells Dapo Olorunfemi

"Riches never fascinate me unless combined with distinction and humanity" - DR SIJI OLAMIJU (AKOL)

When you walk in distinction, even the photocopying machine can’t perfectly replicate your unique quality. When you walk in humanity, you would stand out among equals.

In Pharmacist Dr Siji Olamiju, distinction and humanity forms a unified meaningful whole.

He personifies so much of what makes humility, humanity and distinction of enviable traits.

He is a man who respects human dignity and places premium on distinction and humanity. This, perhaps, is why he had been conferred with "Achievers Merit Awards ranging from medicine and politics in recognition of his philanthropic gestures and contribution to wealth redistribution.

The awards are no doubt testaments to his outstanding contributions to the riches and development of humanity with respect to economic growth within Nigeria and a number of other African and Asian countries including Niger Republic, Liberia and Sierra Leone and India where the name AKOL rings bell.

It is therefore a fallacy of the highest order for one Dapo Olorunfemi who claims to hail from Esa Oke to say that Siji Olamiju was sent by the devil to terminate the Ileri Oluwa project.

Mr. Dapo, if your memory would not forget things easily AkOL is a factor before and during the campaign that led to the emergence of Mr Gboyega oyetola as the Governor of the state of Osun.

Perhaps little did you know that Pharmacist Dr Siji Olamiju donated drugs worth six million naira to the state general hospital as part of his contribution to the development of the health sector.

His words in all honesty share the same passion of the progressives on issues concerning the development of communities and society in general, and it was for this reason that, after much pressure, he (AKOL) heeded the 'come to OBOKUN/ORIADE FEDERAL CONSTITUENCY, a Macedonia CALL' to help accelerate his developmental  contributions to society.

Therefore, Dapo Olorunfemi could be described as one of the “political tyrants” who claims to be progressive but far from the ideologies by saying that Akol bought his way to win the APC House of Representatives ticket.

The question is if not AKOL, could the ticket have been given to an half baked and a lier who could not be trusted like Dapo Olorunfemi?

Of course no, because the leadership of the party are people of impeccable character that can never say Yes to Mischief.

To further crown his bucket of lies and fallacy, Dapo said that AKOL withdrew his case with Hon. Wole Oke after collecting a huge amount.

A laughable allegation that lacks evidence, Dapo should realize that AKOL is not pauper and has grown up from an humble beginning that even when things were hard, he never sold his birth right for a pot of porridge.

He has never turned down the offer to serve OBOKUN/ORIADE, despite the fact that he has a flourishing business.
As at today AKOL has given life to many less privileged as a philanthropist most especially people of his constituency.

One however wonders why would such a man now comprise all in the name of money that does not amount to half of what he spends on the less privileged?

Obviously no, therefore Mr Dapo Olorunfemi should look inward on how he would make positive marks in Obokun/Oriade Federal constituency rather than blackmailing the God chosen, Siji Olamiju (AKOL) a commissioner designate without lobby.

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