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RE: AKOL And His Political Mesmerism: There Is No Such Time Than Now For Gov. Oyetola To Take Precautions

In response to the recent cheap media blackmail by the faceless COALITION OF CONCERNED OBOKUN PROGRESSIVE GROUPS (CCOPG)

It’s impossible to evade criticism nowadays, however, civility in politics has been decreasing for a long time.

As for us in OBOKUN PROGRESSIVE MINDED, our goal is to avoid posting something equally inflammatory and also resist the urge to react instead of responding.

We choose to respond to this because of the affiliation of one of Obokun's finest in your publication. Of recent we have read series of wrong articles against the personality of Dr. Olasiji Olamiju-AKOL on social media. We truly expected a responsible PROGRESSIVE to do away with fake propaganda, fake publication and embrace the humble, generous, compassionate, simple and a silent achiever who has always declared wide open space for collective collaboration and partnership with willing and positive minds to move Obokun to the next level of sustainable and economic development, and also rising to faith of greatness.

We hereby on this note counter your fake propaganda on social media, with facts, that Dr. Olasiji Olamiju-AKOL did not in anyway, time or moment engage in any illicit, dubious and anti-party activities before, during and after the last general elections in which he was a candidate.

We therefore challenge the group (if at all they exist) or any individual to come out with evidence(s) that AKOL maintained strong copulation and affinity with the opposition in Obokun either before, during or after the election in which he was a candidate. Failure to do so, we would come out openly with the names of party members, leaders and elders whose anti-party activities incarcerated AKOL and many other loyal party members and leaders' efforts in ensuring the success of our party in Obokun (Oriade inclusive).

You alleged that a man who has been a major financial and card carrying member of the party since 2003 (from AD to AC, ACN and APC) is not a loyal member of the party - how then do you define a loyal party man?

As a loyal and committed party man, AKOL donated millions of naira worth of drugs to the state government. Even the then governor, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola averred that, "what AKOL did is a demonstration of hands of fellowship. We celebrate this because we need such support and we will appreciate it as this will also encourage other donors to follow the footstep of Akol Pharmacy."

While presenting the drugs, AKOL said, “As a businessman and a member your party, I believe in your leadership style. That is why I donated this drug worth 6 million naira. This is my little contribution to the course of progress of our state." We challenge your group to name anything that just one, out of your leaders, have given back to the state that has made them who they are today, if at all.

In your writeup, you described him as a "business politician", and you're right. AKOL has been a businessman, even before he ventured into the murky waters of politics longtime ago and as a Pharmaceutical Doctor, his job is to save lives.

Let me also place it on record that AKOL got the House of Representatives ticket because he was the BEST of all the candidates that showed intention and he was the only of all the candidates, who had and still has the political will to bring back Obokun/Oriade Federal constituency to the progressive fold but some leaders, because of their selfishness saw his emergence as a threat.

APC as a party in Obokun/Oriade is divided against itself and AKOL as a candidate based his campaign on unifying the party but these so-called selfish leaders kept frustrating his efforts because that is the source of their millions - the disunity of the party.

You also alleged AKOL of promoting an opposition member against his party men; this really made us laugh hard because the promotion you referred to was an account of what truly happened during AKOL's screening on the floor of the state House of Assembly. A replica of that was what happened during Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola's screening as a Minister. Should we say, because APC government is the one paying doctors' salaries then they should not attend to members of the opposition? I wonder what you would have written if the said opposition member had said unprintable words about him.

If it's anti-party to be humble, philanthropic, compassionate, simple and service-oriented, then maybe anti-party pays.

Let us bring to your notice that, for Dr Olasiji Olamiju-AKOL, politics is all about service to humanity. For him, the only service to be done for the downtrodden is to give them quality education, healthcare services, to develop their capacity to think for themselves and draw from the unlimited well of greatness existing within. He is no doubt one of Nigeria’s most successful pharmacists. He is a man of many parts; one who does not waste time in extending assistance to the needy, irrespective of religious and ethnicity affiliations. His philanthropic gestures are loud and speak volumes about his commitment to quality education, as well as his stance as an apostle of pragmatic leadership. We have no doubt in his ability to function in whichever ministry the Governor assign him to.

We wish to use this opportunity to inform the general public that Dr Olasiji Olamiju-AKOL remians unshakable, intact and focused towards the goal of improving the lives of the people of Osun.


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