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Nigeria @59: Abraham John Onoja greets Nigerians

I write to greet Nigerians both at home and in the diaspora particularly writers, on this special occasion celebrating Nigerias Independence. Without you and I, our country would be less interesting as we continually share our thoughts and actions; of adventure, joy and sadness.

The Independence of writers should be sacrosanct. Writers should be able to express how we feel through the freedom of speech to achieve a fair and just society for mutual coexistence. As writers,we owe it a point of duty to pick up the Barton and ride on through thick and thin and through murky waters by reawakening the society, encouraging the depressed, comforting the uncomfortable, and speaking the truth even in the face of uncertainty as we chart a cause for a better tomorrow through our works and the voice speaking through them as we continually emulate free-spirited change-makers through writing.

Nigeria as a country isn't there yet, but the labours of our heroes past shall never be in vain where we appreciate ourselves for seeing the light even in dark times and mostly taking the roads less travelled as we show faith and resilience.

These, I'd like to say:

Soldier on my people;
We have made numerous gains
Don't be discouraged
Do not despair
In you, I see the changes to come

I salute you all as we mark Nigeria.s Independence.

Abraham John Onoja
President, Writers Interactive Network

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