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Reasons Why Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu Is The Best For The Job In 2023

Reasons Why Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu Is The Best For The Job In 2023

He has served as the governor of Lagos State, increasing the IGR from millions to billions of naira 

πŸ‘‰If given the chance Nigeria will start completing with South Africa as one of the best countries in Africa ✊

While he was being denied of federal government allocations he brought up ideas on how to help the state without the support of federal government 🀝

πŸ‘‰If given the chance to be the president, the economy of our great country will never remain the same ✊

He has the character of working with brilliant heads. For example when he was the governor of Lagos State he had with him the most brilliants of all. From Osinbajo (AG) to Fashola (CS) and so on

πŸ‘‰He can bring up a very comfortable cabinet that can solidify the economy of our dear country

Who ever he supports to head any position will always work well
We saw this when he was governor even after he left as governor .
From his successor to the other governors in southwest

πŸ‘‰This will help him to appoint brilliant people to head any post in federal

He is just the best for the job (president 2023) because he has no rival who can compete with him 

πŸ‘‰ Let's not forget he was with Abiola too, he will definitely work well

BTVM Director Of Media & Publicity Secretary Osun State Chapter

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