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Pharmacist Siji Olamiju Akol Faults The Killing Of Fasoranti's Daughter, It's Barbaric In This Era Of Civilization He Says.

It's high time we face the challenge of unlawful killings in our province, this is  the work of those who are not patriotic to this Nation, who know who's next to encounter such horrific incident.

No mater the level of frustration, its improper to maim the life of fellow citizen, even the scripture against it when the sacrifice of Abel to God was accepted rather than that of Caen the brother of Abel, God cursed Cain that whoever that find him will kill him because he has maimed the life of the beloved one's, we shouldn't let this curse to befall our Nation.

In all States of this Nation, southwest is known to be  peaceful,  and most especially Osun State where moral standard and acceptable character has been the pride of ours, it means where facing external aggression and by the grace of God, this we shall see no more.

I plead to the family of the deceased to have heart to bear the reclined soul, this is not what we pray for in our daily prayers.

God in his infinite mercy will restore back our peace, and bring back fundamental that will favor us all from where we have people in both home and diaspora, it's sardonic to hear such demise of innocent daughter of our leader.

Pharmacist Siji Olamiju Akol, MD, Akol Groups Nationwide.

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