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Nigerian Youths Should Stop The Blame Game ~ By Com'r Mainframe

Nigerian Youths Should Stop The Blame Game, Young Candidates Who Contested Last Presidential Election Not Merited By The Total Number Of Valid Votes Polled To Become Minister's, And Not For A Street Boy.

The Not Too young To Run Under Buhari's Administration That Gave Birth To Young State Assembly Members, Fewer National Assembly Members Can In A Day Produces  Young Ministers, President If There's Commitment And Continuity.

Reaction to the list of the appointed ministers across the States of the Nation which was released by the President Muhammadu Buhari has been a major concentration with cacophonous outcries of average youths that they have been used and dumped since there was no youth been included in the ministerial list.

If we look at the political situation of this country some decades back, we'll observe that the out turn of Nigerian youths in the last election calls for glad hands as many repented from non participation, when we have people ready, we supported, we voted, they emerged their respective positions, A State Governor is expected to deliver during presidential election, I think that should be the merit, some youths are still unserious, we knows what they do with their wealth, flung it and oppresses the Have's Not on the street, example is Senator Abbo, we've many singers and artists in diaspora, even Footballers they're not ready to support or render assistance, If someone who knows about sport play along, he can become Sport Minister, The we've Minister For Art and Culture e.t.c.

PMB is not to blame for any cause of action as to why youth is not amongst the ministerial appointees, for if we have worked towards achieving that in the last presidential election, we would have been crowned and honored with the seat, it's just that we're not at the verge of attaining the higher seat base on last result, Nigeria politics should not be compared with France or any other Countries, Nigeria's political system is very tough, difficult and needs more tactics to triumph.

How many youth can deliver a state, only Oyo State is where we had a young Governor emerged, and by political formula, Ajimobi ought to be compensated but was excluded based on some vital reasons.

We should start by holding our territory and avoid divisible interest which may jeopardize our vision, one day is going happen, we need to keep axing the mountain, we have many States where our young leaders had became the Speaker of the House, let me give kudos to the youths of my generation, we're coming in a stronger way to achieve the said position, not that we're not capable of such position, but we still need to really work towards actualizing our vision.

Let's congratulates those appointed as ministers, our turn is yet to come and even I pray we makes moves higher than that because the glory that is coming is greater than what we're seeing now.

Who is that youth that can deliver what the former Governor Of the State of Osun delivered by installing a Governor from the same party, we need more prayers, we need strategies, we need to partakes, we need to be ready, we need little rest, we must start from the root and be very tough to break and have commitment, tenacity, agility and start preparing our grounds and display maturity.

Maturity in the sense of curbing power intoxication, let's stop the blame game, the world will never make a king of a boy who have a dream and sleep in houses without travel.

Comrade Abioye Tosin Lawrence (MAINFRAME)

Prime Mover
Global Voice Of The Young Generation.

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