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MOLESTATION: Osun Health Tech. Female Students Crys For Justice

By - Hassan Taiwo Alli

Three Female Students of Osun State College of Health Technology Ilesa, comprising of two Muslim Sisters and One Christian Sister are now crying for Justice following their molestation in the evening of Saturday, 27th July 2019 by a man popularly known as 'OBE" in the Bolorunduro area of the town.

According to the ladies, the man wanted to be dating one of the Muslim ladies which the lady refused due to religious incompatibility as the man is a non-muslim. He later laid ambush for the lady and her friends on the evening of Saturday, 27th July 2019 and inflicted serious bodily injuries on the ladies.

The case was said to have been reported at B Division Police Station, Ijamo on 27th July 2019. As a result of alleged poor handling of the case by the B Division, the ladies through a Military man who came to their rescue approached the Ilesa Muslim Community who accompanied them to report the incident on the evening of Sunday, 28th July 2019 to the Area Commander Office of the Nigeria Police, Ayeso, Ilesa for proper investigation.

The Area Command immediately swung into action to arrest "OBE" but the man is no where to be found.

The Area Command has promised to do a diligent investigation into the case and assured that the case would be followed to a logical conclusion.

The ladies are now sending Save Our Soul to everybody for fear of their life as they said they are now living in fear of further attack from OBE and his gang as the man is notorious in the area.

The leadership of Ilesa Muslim Community has however decided to be following the progress of the case and appealed to all concern authority to be just in the handling of the case and protect the ladies against any further attack by the gang as further attack to the Hijab Sisters would be seen as attack on Muslims in Ijeshaland. Below are pictures taken following the attack on the ladies.

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