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You goofed on S'Court verdict as Adeleke lost Osun guber election'

I read with dismay the story credited to Akogun Lere Oyewumi, the Director-General of Senator Ademola Adeleke Campaign Organisation, condemning and castigating the apex court of the land, the Supreme Court, over the recent loss of his principal's governorship aspiration to administer Osun State. 

The said news story which twisted the final verdict of the Supreme Court that affirmed the election of Governor Gboyega Oyetola also lampooned the state chapter of the All Progressives Congress(APC) and its Director of Publicity, Research and Strategy, Barr Kunle Oyatomi, under my chairmanship was a clear example of how not to denigrate the decision of the highest court of the land.

Agreed, vibrant activities of any opposition party(ies) are necessary ingredients of any worthwhile democratic setting but such should not be an unguarded licence for those who are supposed to know to resort to oddities.

In a response to the the story headlined: *"Osun 2019: Oyetola, APC should hide their heads in shame, people knew Adeleke won the election",* Famodun, through his Media Consultant, Mr Kola Olabisi, stated that there was no cause for neither the affirmed Governor Oyetola nor  his party to hide their heads in shame for any reason as the party is an embodiment of the rule of law as opposed to what is in vogue in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Famodun said, it was a pity that Akogun Oyewumi allowed himself to be beclouded by his political office he was targeting under the aborted governorship aspiration of Senator Ademola Adeleke. Discerning minds are in the know that it's not because of genuine love or concern he (Oyewumi) has neither for the PDP nor the highly respected legendary Adeleke family of Ede but because of what is now eluding him through the landmark Supreme Court judgement that eminently affirmed the deserving governorship victory of the incumbent Governor Oyetola.

The Adeleke family should watch the characters like Oyewumi and duly do the needful whenever it's imperative to deal with such elements.

The Igbajo-born prince sympathized with Akogun Oyewumi as fear of imminent formation of cobwebs over his pot of soup is his major concern coupled with the mortgage of some juicy business enterprises which he had intended to enliven through expected illicit money from the PDP government that has now turned to a mirage.

He reminded the utterly disappointed PDP chieftain that out of the fifteen Justices that presided over the case right from the lowest tribunal to the Supreme Court, 10 of them affirmed Governor Oyetola's victory while only five were in support of Senator Ademola Adeleke's bungled prayer to administer the state. For God's sake, 10 out of fifteen which is 66 per cent is a resounding pass mark while five out of fifteen is 33 per cent which is an abysmal failure in any clime!

Famodun who told Akogun Oyewumi to learn how to keep his mouth shut  anytime he is bereft of a solution to any challenge posited that the hallmark of any complete man is to respect the fact that you win some wars while you lose others.  Feelers among the well respected members of his party have shown that they are not comfortable with his needless outburst denigrating the highest court of the land.

The APC state chairman who advised Oyewumi to cultivate an attribute of humility from his principal, Senator Ademola Adeleke, who has since congratulated his opponent stated that there's nothing to gain from being unnecessarily combative, saying: "Who was beaten and who is complaining of bodily pains!"

Famodun who reminded Oyewumi that the Supreme Court has spoken finally on the protracted Osun governorship election tango advised the PDP political combatant that the only option left to him and his party is to appeal to God.

He said, if it is true that the PDP is still popular in Osun, why is it that the party is having only three members in the state House of Assembly out of 26 with the APC parading 23; three House of Representatives member out of nine and one senator out of three? This is commonsensical that the PDP all along has been a dead bird in Osun.

Famodun advised Oyewumi that the crisis he co-founded in the PDP  when he flagrantly and dubiously failed to honour the Abuja accord with Dr Akin Ogunbiyi camp of his party is still haunting him, adding that under whatever circumstances, a gentleman's word should be his bond.

He querried the legal competence of Oyewumi to question the outcome of the governorship case that favoured the APC, asking that "is it only when a judgement goes in favour of the PDP that justice is seen to be served? Some people from the other side of the political divide who have been complaining against technicalities perhaps forget that the use of teeth during a scuffle is part of instrument of fighting. Moreso, a profession is a body of knowledge unknown to a layman".

The kernel of what I am harping on is that Governor Gboyega Oyetola of APC under my watch convincingly won the Osun governorship election as it was eminently pronounced by the Supreme Court on Friday, July 5, 2019.

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