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Wedding Ceremony: AKOL urged a couple not to allow intruder in their marital affairs.

An APC Chieftain in Oriade/Obokun federal constituency, Pharm. (Dr) Siji Olamiju, AKOL has urged a new couple to be more faithful to God Almighty and never allow an intruder into their marital affairs.

In his word of advice to the new couple Mr and Mrs Oluwatosin Olowe at Ilesha on Saturday 29th of June 2019, Pharm. (Dr) Siji Olamiju stated that the ordinance to get married is to fulfill the supreme quality of human being in life in order to transform new generation and enhance the peaceful coexistence among ourselves.

He channeled the couple to embrace the spirit of endurance among themselves, he said that marriage works on the right ingredients of trust, love, and respects, so they should continue to prove that they meant for each other.

"A great marriage is not when the perfect  people comes together, but it is when a man and a woman learns to enjoy their differences together." Olamiju said.

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