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Osun Guber Case: Famodun emboldens APC members' spirit

State Chairman of All Progressives Congress(APC), Prince Gboyega Famodun, has enjoined all the members and supporters of the party in Osun State to refuse to be distracted with the tonnage of falsehoods being turned out by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) about the final judgement on the governorship dispute at the Supreme Court.

In a statement issued by the Media Consultant to the APC state chairman, Mr Kola Olabisi, on Saturday,  Famodun said, the intention of the leadership of the PDP is to be using propaganda laced with falsehoods in order to dampen the spirit of the APC members and their supporters.

The state party chairman who counselled the APC members and supporters to always be high in spirit with reference to the governorship judgement reminded them that there is no way God will abandon the just.

He said, the latest ceaseless rantings of the PDP could be likened to the struggle that normally precedes outright death whenever the soul wants to leave the earthly body.

The state party chairman hinted that anyone who has ever witnessed the incident that precedes death will not agree less that all the PDP is doing now is gasping for breath by clutching to any available item to enable it stay alive.

He disclosed that when it is apparent that the PDP's condition is beyond redemption, what it's now embarking upon is to find a way of prepairing for the party's eventual imminent failure at the highest court of the land.

In Famodun's words:  "These PDP handlers are indeed very funny and tactless. They behave like a bull in a Chinese shop, destroying anything and anybody in sight with their sponsored falsehood stories aimed at causing needless disaffection in our party.

"Is it normal for someone or a corporate body to be insulting Supreme Court Justices with reckless abandon just the way the PDP's handlers have been doing? Do we need any further testimony to conclude that the PDP's handlers are lacking in diplomacy and tact", he said.

Famodun advised the PDP handlers to stop catching cold at the image of the National Leader of the APC, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, as the progressive political sage is too engrossed in some other important matters that are of benefit to mankind.

The make-believe story of two imaginary APC governors whom the PDP accused of romancing the Supreme Court Justices with reference to the subsisting governorship tussle in the apex court is another highest peak of heaping insults on the respected Justices.

"I laugh when I saw their denial on some platforms just this morning after the damage has been caused to their party without redemption", the party chairman said.

The Igbajo-born born Prince stated that the kernel of his message is to impress it on the APC members and its supporters to refuse to let their spirit be dampened by the hired writers of the PDP that have caused more damage to the image of the reactionary party.

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