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MKO made donation of N11 milion(1989) to the fund raising for the building of National Stadium (MKO STADIUM) - AL-Mustapha


"After my father died, I continued the struggle for June 12 to be officially recognized; I started with Baba(Obasanjo) but I knew that I would not get anything done. When former President Goodluck Jonathan came, I started again with him. Even after he had lost the election, I felt that it was one last thing he could do to engrave his name in the history books of Nigeria but, for his own reasons, we fell short at the very last minute."

" When I met with Buhari in Kaduna as President- elect, I told him what i would like and, as God would have it, he had the strength of character to do it. It is discretional and not a political thing. Such an action is taken at the discretion of the President. I wanted three things: for my father to be  honoured with GCFR, so that Nigeria would accept that he won the election because that title goes to Presidents only. The second issue was that I wanted June 12 to be declared Democracy Day and I got that. May 29 Democracy Day was a fake date; that was just Obasanjo trying to rewrite history. One thing I didn't ask for but got and I am very grateful to the President and the Vice President was the apology made to my family; that was the icing on the cake. Some say it was political but anything about Abiola is political and that is why it took so long for him to be recognised by giving him his due place in history of Nigeria. We didn't expect the apology and I am very grateful to the President.

For me , the journey ended that day even though it crystallised this year. It is for that reason that I have not been politically involved. I have received offers for ministerial appointments but I totally refused to take them because it is incomplete, but now I feel  fulfilled."

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